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Working Dog Group

The dogs of the Working Group are bred specifically to perform jobs such as guarding property, pulling sleds and performing water rescues. Throughout the ages, they have been invaluable assets to humans.

This group comprise of large and giant sized dogs. Most have massive frames, well-muscled body and weigh 85 to 100 pounds, with several weighing up to 130 pounds. Few even weight up to 200 pounds! The Bernese Mountain Dog, Doberman Pinscher, Siberian Husky and Great Dane are all included in this group.


By virtue of their size alone, these dogs must be thoroughly socialized with people and other dogs. Obedience training is critical for the owner to be able to control them, but a MUST.

Working dogs are highly intelligent and quick to learn, with a high desire to please their owners. Some are extremely agile and it keeps their minds busy as well as working off some of their energy.

Dogs like Doberman Pinscher and Boxer are well-know for their deft and quick movements.

These dogs are resourceful, obedient and alert. Good breeders ensure that their dogs are neither shy nor vicious and that they are well socialized before going to any new home.

These dogs are used for Assistance, Therapy, Rescue, Search, Herding, Sled, Performing such as Circus and Dog Actors, Canine mascots, Hunting, Guard, Fighting, Tracking, Cadaver dog or Human Remains Detection, Wars, Police works.

Traditionally bred to perform specific tasks including guarding, sled pulling and rescue operations the working breed has become a popular family pet due to their inherent nature to protect. Working dogs have been bred over many years to do a job and they act accordingly.

At times playful and even silly working dogs will instantly become serious watch and guard dogs when they sense danger. While normally friendly with strangers and easy to have in public and around children working breeds understand they have a function to perform and will show an amazing focus when called upon. This breed also has a mind of his own and if he does not see the logic in your commands he will simply ignore them. It is paramount that you train a working breed as a puppy to obey your commands or else risk having your home run by the dog.

The working class has enriched dog lovers with such popular types as the Saint Bernard (responsible for saving hundreds of lives in the snowy mountains), the alert and loyal German Pinscher and the playful yet deceptively smart Siberian Husky. Donít let their games fool or frustrate you, working breed dogs are caring dogs and mostly gentle friends who only want to make you smile. They love exercise and what starts out as a short walk can easily turn into a half hour jog. Be sure you have time, patience and an active lifestyle to keep this breed happy.

*American Kennel Club Listing of Working Dog Breeds

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