Your Dog's Diet and Nutrition: The Ultimate Guide to have a long, happy and healthy life for dogs

An Urgent Message For All Dog Owners...

"WARNING: You Could Be Feeding Your
Beloved Dog To Its Death... By Using
Commercial Pet Food Or By Listening To
Pseudo Dog Nutrition Experts!"

STOP! For The First Time, Read What Unbiased,
Scientifically Trained Canine Nutrition Experts Have To Say
About Your Dog's Diet & Nutrition... Instead Of Falling
Prey To Half-Truths Spread By Your Pet Food Company!

From the desk of Nancy Richards
Dog Enthusiast, Owner of

Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

When you feed your pet dog today, can you place your right hand over your heart... and unequivocally say that you're feeding it food that is 100% beneficial for its well-being?

Can you guarantee that you are feeding your dog the most suitable diet based on its breed and age?

Guess what...

Most Dog Owners Can't!

But it's not really your fault.

You see, most dog owners are not scientifically trained in canine nutrition. Most of what we know comes from hearsay, our own limited observations and what all those pet food companies have been feeding us through their multi-million dollar marketing campaigns.

In fact, the pet food industry is such a lucrative and profitable industry that pet owners in America spend...

US$16.2 Billion ($16,200,000,000)
A Year Buying Pet Food!

With pet owners willing to spend so much money on their pets... is it any wonder that pet food companies will do whatever they can to sell their products?

For the longest time, pet food manufacturers have been guilty of these inhumane cost-cutting practices... such as...

  • Using worthless or spoilt meat unfit for human consumption, such as intestines, blood, bones, lungs & ligaments of carcasses, road kills and euthanized animals (including dogs!)

    To prevent these potentially harmful parts from ever being manufactured into human food, they are "denatured" first by adding chemicals such as carbolic acid, fuel oil and kerosene!

  • Spraying a harmful layer of fat on the dog food to create an "aroma" that attracts your dog... This greasy fat comes from leftover restaurant oil and other inferior sources. Without this "cheap trick", your dog wouldn't go near that pet food with a 10 foot pole!

  • Adding artificial flavors, colors and preservatives to improve the appearance and taste, and to increase its shelf life. Many of these chemicals, such as ethoxyquin are carcinogenic and cause liver diseases.

Truth be told, I can't think of a single dog owner who doesn't become angry after realizing that those well-packaged "premium" dog food they have been paying for all the while is actually made from recycled crap.

And while we humans can choose the food we eat and make informed choices...

What Has Your Poor Dog Done
To Deserve All These?

Well firstly, dogs make easy targets. Since they can't speak or express their feelings in words... they can't complain about the taste of the food they're eating... or whether their bodies feel right after eating it.

Very often, dog owners leave their dogs with very little choice! Either Rocky finishes his bowl of food... or he gets nothing to eat! You may be guilty of this as well.

Next, dog owners are always looking for convenience. That's what makes us so susceptible to the "tricks" that pet food companies have been playing on us... such as sleek, modern packaging and attractive sounding phrases.

Finally, many dog owners are under the misconception that only these multi-million dollar pet food companies can produce high-quality, nutritious pet food. But as we have seen, these greedy bastards are only after your money... and will do anything to increase their profits.

Dog Food Myths You May Have Bought Into!

MYTH #1: Commercial dog food is more nutritious and better tasting for my dog, since manufacturers conduct extensive research into what my dog needs and wants.

FACT: As we have read above, this is not always the case. Due to the increasing pressures to cut costs and remain competitive, many dog food manufacturers resort to a variety of "tricks" to make their food taste better.

MYTH #2: Preparing homemade dog food is expensive.

FACT: If you know the right way to do it, preparing your own dog food saves you an average of 30% to 60% each month over buying commercial dog food... and takes less time than going to the store and stocking up on dog food.

MYTH #3: Preparing homemade dog food is time consuming and inconvenient.

FACT: Homemade dog food is prepared using the same ingredients as your everyday cooking... which means you don't have to spend time going to the store and stocking up on dog food. Besides, you can prepare the food in "batches" that can last a week or two each. All you need to do during mealtime is to dish out a portion of the food you have previously prepared. This makes homemade dog food as convenient as any commercial dog food... but safer and more nutritious!

While the recent spate of dog food recalls has drawn considerable attention to these unethical pet food manufacturers and exposed their lies... it has also resulted in...

Pseudo Dog Food Experts Who
Claim To Know What's Best For Your Dog!

All of a sudden, everyone out there seems to be touting the "best" recipe and best way to feed your dog.

With so much misinformation on the Internet nowadays, and considering how easy it is for anyone to proclaim themselves a "dog nutrition expert"... who should you trust?

Here at, we have been providing reliable, unbiased dog care advice over the past 4 years, with 37,766 satisfied long-term members. When our dog-loving members came to us for diet and nutrition advice given all the confusion out there... we knew we couldn't disappoint.

That's why we sought the help of some of the most qualified dog nutrition experts around today... such as...

Dr. Susan Lauten
PhD & Founder of Pet Nutrition Consulting

Dr. Susan Lauten graduated from Auburn University with a Masters in Animal nutrition, and was trained at the Scott Ritchey Research Center at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University. She also holds a PhD in biomedical sciences.

Dr. Lauten runs Pet Nutrition Consulting, which provides veterinarians and pet owners with sound, unbiased nutrition advice. Dr. Lauten is also a Clinical Instructor of Veterinary Nutrition at a Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Recently a guest of Dr. Marty Becker on "Top Vets Talk Pets" and interviewed by The Oregon Live, she has authored several peer-reviewed articles and veterinary nutrition reference book chapters.

Dr. Jennifer Coates
Veterinarian, DVM

Dr. Jennifer Coates graduated with honors from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999 and has since practiced in Virginia, Wyoming and Colorado.

She is the author of several books about veterinarian medicine and animal care, including the highly-acclaimed Dictionary of Veterinary Terms.

Sabrine Contreras
Professional Canine Care / Nutrition Consultant
Certification in Animal Care, University of Guelph, Ontario Canada

Sabrine is a professional canine care & nutrition consultant who has been involved with dogs for over 25 years. Her fields of specialization are in natural, preventive dog care as well as canine nutrition, with thousands of hours research and academic training.

Originally a native of Germany, Sabrine has done extensive research into commercial dog food since 2000.

The result? Unbiased, scientifically backed advice which you can rely on 100% for the well-being of your dog...

The Ultimate Guide
To Your Dog's Diet & Nutrition!

Even since the "pet food scandal" broke, there have been calls from critics and pseudo dog food experts to completely abandon commercial pet food.

Pseudo Dog Food Experts Claim:
All Commercial Dog Food Is Poison!

Pseudo dog food experts (in a bid to get you to buy their products) often claim that "ALL commercial dog food is bad"... and advise dog owners to boycott commercial pet food completely.

While some of their claims are indeed valid, it is important to study the credentials of these "experts" and the claims they're making. Have they been trained in the science of canine nutrition? Have they personally worked with dogs... or are they just out to make a quick buck?

Our research shows that there are a few ethical pet food manufacturers that make high quality dog food. By learning how to read the labels properly and doing some of your own research (we'll teach you how)... you'll be able to separate these honest pet food manufacturers from the rest.

Plus, get our list of recommended store-bought, safe, healthy, hygienic Dog Foods to choose from�

This only solves part of the problem. If dog owners continue to remain ignorant about dog nutrition and what their dogs really need... then even homemade food may not be nutritious enough for their dogs.

The first part of this ultimate resource is a 111 page, meaty guide that contains everything you need to know about providing your dog with a safe, nutritionally complete diet.

It covers basic topics such as choosing the right diet, treats, feeding and also advanced topics such as feeding your dog while traveling.


  • The 7 golden factors that contribute to your dog's daily nutritional needs . Once you understand how these 7 factors work together, you'll be able to decipher at a glance whether a diet (commercial or homemade) is nutritious enough for your dog.

  • One thing your dog MUST have constant access to... in order to avoid a whole host of common diseases & illnesses. (This costs less than a dollar to provide.)

  • How to make an informed decision when purchasing commercial dog food, including one thing you absolutely MUST look out for (No matter what the packaging says, do not purchase any dog food that does not meet this criteria.)

  • The 16 potentially deadly dog food ingredients you should avoid by reading the label... even though some of them may be legal in certain states / countries!

  • 14 fillers pet food manufacturers add to their food to make it more filling for your dog (Avoid any dog food that contains any of these fillers with zero nutritional value!)

  • The deadly 4 letter word you should avoid when choosing a dog food (Some people go for these because it sounds like a delicious treat for their dogs... without knowing the actual ingredients that go into this kind of dog food.)

  • The 4-step method to cutting through all that marketing deception and knowing what really goes into a can or packet of dog food. (Once you know these rules, you can beat the dog food manufacturers at their own game!)

  • A common mistake 97% of all dog owners make when choosing commercial food, which results in them paying blindly for inferior products (Let our experts teach you how to overcome this...)

  • The 4 main reasons why commercial dog food can still be a practical (and safe) choice for your dog... if it meets these standards

  • 9 brands of commercial dog food our research has uncovered, which is safe even for human consumption (If you are really hard-pressed for time and have to go for commercial dog food, at least choose one of these 9 tested brands. Hint: They're not the big-name brands we're used to seeing!)

  • The truth about wet vs. dry dog food, and which is better for your dog (The answer may surprise you!)

  • The truth about a vegetarian diet for your dog... and one rule you should use to decide if a particular type of vegetable will be beneficial to your dog

  • One kind of food you should never feed your dog (Sadly, more than 70% of dog owners STILL make this convenient mistake... resulting in problems such as complex diseases and obesity which cause thousands of dollars to treat!)

  • 14 kinds of human food that can turn toxic for your dogs which you must avoid feeding your dog at ALL costs... no matter how much they beg you for it

  • The 3-step method to switching your dog's food safely, while minimizing any shocks to your dog's digestive system (Most dog owners, even experienced ones, are at a loss as to how to safely and correctly switch their dog's diet.)

  • The simple trick to giving your dog a varied diet (Note: This does NOT involve feeding your dog many different kinds of food, and wracking your brain trying to come up with different recipes.)

  • 8 types of food you can easily obtain for cheap... that are delicious and will add an instant variety to your dog's diet

  • How to find out which food flavor your dog likes best... and then use it to "coax" him into eating nutritious food (No, not all dogs like meat.)

  • One cheap trick you can use to instantly give any dog food better flavor, that makes even the fussiest eater lap it all up

  • A little-known, inexpensive diet you can put your dog on, which has been proven to result in higher energy levels, better growth rates and better development for dogs

  • The real benefit of feeding your dog correctly... and the steps you should take to ensure fuss-free feeding (NOTE: Feeding your dog is not just about providing it with the nutrients it needs... it also serves a fundamental, psychological purpose which you can take advantage of.)

  • 4 factors you should use to decide the exact amount you should feed your dog (Most dog owners feed their dogs too much... resulting in obesity and heart diseases.)

  • The best times to feed your dog, and how many times it should be done each day

  • A trick to switch from free-feeding to proper, scheduled feedings (If you have tried doing this in the past without success, you may be doing it the wrong way.)

  • The truth about dog supplements and the 12 kinds of supplements that your dog really needs (Once you learn this, you will stop paying through your nose for unnecessary supplements, including one which is commonly fed to dogs but serve NO useful purpose!)

  • The only breeds of dog you should use a muscle supplement on

  • 6 steps to "trick" even the fussiest dogs into swallowing a vitamin / supplement pill without any of that pain, fuss or mess... and WITHOUT injuring the dog (If you have dealt with a fussy dog before, you'll appreciate this 5-minute process.)

  • 4 questions to ask when buying supplements for your dog... Not all vitamins and supplements are created equal!

  • One thing to look out for on the packaging of any vitamin or supplement (If it does not contain this vital piece of information, do NOT purchase the product... because you could be making a very costly mistake!)

  • 3 rules you should stick to when feeding a young puppy within 6 to 8 months of age (Be sure to follow Rule #3 so as to regulate the eating speed of your puppy.)

  • A 30-second method to determine the correct weight of your dog... regardless of its activity level (This 30-second test can be done at ANY time, to see if you're overfeeding your dog.)

  • One common misconception when it comes to feeding sedentary and not-so-active dogs

  • The adjustments you should make for a pregnant dog according to which gestation period she is in

  • One important, golden rule about dog treats and how you should use them to supplement your dog's daily diet

  • 3 factors you should consider when choosing the right kinds of dog food great for your dog (Some dog owners ignore Rule #3, which results in unwanted vet visits and bills.)

  • 6 types of delicious, nutritious dog treats you can make at home without having to spend extra on commercial dog treats

  • One rule of thumb to decide how big a piece of dog treat should be

  • The top 9, nutritious store-bought dog foods we recommend, after hearing the feedback of dog owners and doing our own research on their ingredients and nutritional levels

  • The danger about using a "dog bone" as a dog chew... and why you should avoid it

  • The 5 rules to feeding your dog and taking care of its nutritional needs while you are traveling (I see dog owners everywhere ignoring Rule #3 all the time, which results in indigestion, vomiting and even stomach upsets.)

  • How many times a day should your dog eat... and the best time to feed your dog if it eats only once a day

  • Why you should not feed a young puppy food that is meant for adult dogs (The guide goes in-depth into puppy nutrition and recommends the best diet at each stage of growth. Most dog owners do not understand the difference between puppy food and food for younger dogs.)

Plus... Get 60 Complete Home Made Recipes
For Dog Foods & Treats!

Now that you have a basic understanding of what your dog needs, the 2nd book in this complete guide contains 60 homemade recipes for safe, healthy, nutritious and delicious dog foods and treats.

All of these 60 recipes feature:

  • Nutritionally balanced diets developed by our panel of experts, with their years of experience in dog diet and nutrition. This is the ONLY recipe book on the Internet that contains balanced recipes for your dog... so you are feeding your dog a complete diet.

  • Ingredients you already have or are easily available from your local store - Each of these recipes are practical and have been developed with the busy dog owner in mind. They make use of nothing more than the items you already have in your kitchen. Save 30% - 60% following these recipes as compared to buying commercial pet food!

And since these recipes are homemade from fresh, human grade produce, they contain none of the harmful preservatives, chemicals, ingredients or fillers found in commercial pet food.

The 60 recipes include:

  • 12 balanced food recipes for adult dogs

  • 2 recipes for active / working dogs who need more energy

  • 3 recipes specially for obese / senior dogs who need to cut down on their calorie intake

  • 2 recipes for dogs that are prone to allergies

Special Bonus #1: How To Increase Your Dog's Lifespan
By Changing Its Diet

Up till this point, we have talked about some guidelines for preparing a proper diet for your dog but have not really discussed the mechanics that go behind it.

In this additional bonus guide, you'll learn the art & science of dog nutrition and diet requirements for specific conditions:

  • How to go beyond the basic nutritional needs of your dog and provide them with high quality food for great health (While this sounds expensive... most of these foods are cheaply available, and can potentially save you thousands of dollars in expensive vet bills.)

  • How to build strong bones, muscles and joints by feeding your dog food rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants

  • The truth about longevity for your dog... and one thing that has a direct impact on the lifespan of your dog

  • One natural supplement that can prevent ticks and fleas in your dog's fur

  • 5 types of supermarket food that aid your dog's digestion

  • Food that build up your dog's teeth, works out their jaws and cleans them at the same time (so you don't have to)

  • Cancer preventing foods for your dog (There is NO excuse for any dog owner to leave out any one of these 25 cancer-fighting foods in their dog's diets... because it is so easy to add them to any existing diet!)

  • How to ensure that your dog has a strong and healthy heart by feeding it these 7 types of natural, heart-strengthening foods

  • The 5-step method to greatly reduce the risk of choking when feeding your dog

  • The real cause of obesity in dogs (and it's NOT due to overeating!)

  • How to combat obesity in your dog with this 2 step, daily action plan that takes only 15 minutes

  • A special "Atkins diet" for dogs that aids in natural weight loss, and helps control unhealthy weight gain (If you have tried everything for your overweight dog with no success, this recipe might just do the trick.)

  • Dietary adjustments you should make to aid in the natural healing of different medical conditions, such as digestive problems, wounds & injures, eye problems, thyroid, diabetes, seizures, atopic skin rashes, arthritis and heart problems

  • The right amount of exercise your dog needs according to its age

Special Bonus #2: Healthy Diet for Bright & Shiny
Skin & Coat

Some dog owners willingly spend thousands of dollars in oral supplements and skin / coat care products for their dogs... but do not realize that with a few, smart changes to their dog's diet... they can greatly improve the condition of their dog's coat.

In this special bonus guide, learn:

  • How to identify the 7 types of coat and 3 types of hair a dog can have, so as to apply the right coat care regime

  • 5 tips for maintaining a healthy, shiny coat

  • 6 types of food you can offer to your dog to reduce shedding around the house

  • One magic wellspring that your dog should have constant access to that has a direct impact on how its coat looks

  • A secret recipe you can use to instantly shine and gloss up your dog's coat

10 step guide to giving your dog a complete doggie massage like a professional masseur (This not only stimulates the skin and follicles to keep them healthy... it also relaxes your dog into a state of bliss and greatly improves its well-being.)

Special Bonus #3: How To Handle Overweight
Dogs & Picky Eaters

Picky eaters and overweight dogs are 2 of the most common problems related to a dog's diet. The 3rd bonus book in this package tackles these 2 problems head-on with help from our panel of experts.


  • How to physically feel and tell if your dog is too fat, too thin or just right (Hint: You can't tell just by looking at its weight!)

  • The fastest way to cut down on the calories intake of your dog... and help it to shed those extra pounds (It is something you can do within the next 15 minutes or so.)

  • The 5 crucial factors you need to make use of when helping a severely overweight dog lose weight

  • Why 95% of the worries about picky eating habits are unfounded, and how to test if your dog is really a picky eater

  • 4 tips to evaluate whether a particular dog food recipe is suitable for picky eaters

Does Your Dog Deserve The Best It Can Get?

At the start of this letter, I asked you the following question: What has your pet dog done to deserve all this injustice heaped upon it by unethical pet food manufacturers?

Now as a dog owner... are you going to take action for your dog or let just let it suffer in silence?

As a dog owner myself, I used to feel confused and powerless about the situation... especially when I knew next to nothing about dog diet and nutrition. But after hearing what our 3 world-class experts have to say about dog diet & nutrition... and learning some of their tricks that turn the tables at these unscrupulous manufacturers... isn't it time you take action?

The benefits of feeding your dog correctly extend far beyond just helping your dog feel and look better. Research has also shown that with proper diet and nutrition, your dog has a longer lifespan and can remain healthy and active for a much longer time.

Furthermore, having a healthy dog means less visits to the vet... and none of those emergency vet fees and costs that can run up to hundreds or thousands of dollars per visit.

And even that's not all that is included in our Ultimate Dog Diet and Nutrition package! You will also get a free 30 day trial access to our premium Elite Dog Owner's Club.

As a member of this club, you will have access to:

  • Expert one-on-one answers to any questions that you have about your dog. If you are facing a specific problem with your dog or have any specific questions regarding how to train it, just send us your question and one of our in-house dog training experts will work with you to solve the problem and answer your questions. Only members of our Elite Dog Owner's Club have personal, one-on-one access to our in-house experts in this manner.

  • A monthly interactive video covering topics like obedience training, basic commands, controlling unruly behavior etc. that not only tells you how to train your dog and handle different behavioral issues, but also demonstrates in real time how those techniques are being applied on different dogs so that you can actually see those techniques in action.

  • A monthly 30-minute audio recording from a world-famous dog trainer who will talk about a specific aspect of training and handling your dog. This expert usually charges $250 per hour if you wanted to consult with him privately, but your membership to the Elite Dog Owner's Club lets you learn from him by paying nothing at all!

  • Free weekly consultations with a top veterinarian. If you have a question regarding your dog's health or any medical problems related to your dog, just send it to us and our veterinarian will personally answer your question every week.

  • A brand new article every week written by one of our in-house dog training experts covering topics like training, solving behavioral problems, grooming, diet and nutritional requirements, etc. that will give you practical tips, suggestions and advice that you can put to use immediately.

  • A unique and powerful Doggie Alert software that automatically reminds you of your pet's birthday, scheduled medical appointments and vaccinations so that you won't miss any of them.

  • A members-only 8% discount coupon that you can use to purchase items such as dog food, dog toys, chews, treats, dog clothes, collars, harnesses, dog beds, etc. from our online store. While our other customers pay our regular retail prices to buy these items from our online store, as an Elite Dog Owner's Club member, you will always pay 8% less than retail for as long as you are a member!

  • Instant access to all previous videos, audio recordings and articles.

Membership to the Elite Dog Owner's Club usually costs $77 per month but it's yours absolutely free for the first 30 days when you purchase this book! And, after your 30 day free trial period, you will automatically keep getting all the benefits of membership to the Elite Dog Owner's Club for the customer-only discounted price of just $37 per month instead of the regular price of $77 per month (i.e. you save $40 - more than 50% - every month).

If you do not wish to remain a member of the Club beyond the 30 day free trial period, simply contact us and cancel your membership anytime within the 30 day free trial period, and you won't be billed.

There are no long-term commitments and lock-in periods either - so if you choose to remain a member initially and want to cancel sometime in the future, you can do so at any time and you won't be billed again.

How Much Is All This Worth To You?

What You're Getting... Value

Book #1: The Ultimate Guide To Your Dog’s Diet & Nutrition (The ONLY guide developed with the help of recognized, canine nutrition experts.)


Book #2: 60 Complete Homemade Recipes For Dog Foods & Treats (The ONLY source of complete, balanced recipes for your dog using wholesome, human grade ingredients.)


Special Bonus #1: How To Increase Your Dog’s Lifespan By Changing Its Diet


Special Bonus #2: Healthy Diet for Bright & Shiny Skin & Coat


Special Bonus #3: How To Handle Overweight Dogs & Picky Eaters


Special Bonus #4: A 30 day free trial to our Elite Dog Owner's Club (worth $37)



Peace of mind from knowing that your dog is eating safely, and getting all the nutrition it needs in a balanced way


Savings from expensive vet bills and treatments by preventing diseases caused by poor eating habits


Special, introductory price you pay today for the whole package...


You Have A Full 120 Days To See
If Our Advice Works Out For Your Dog!

While our paltry price of $27 is less than what you'll spend on dog food in a month... I don't want you to rush into making a decision today. In fact, I'm giving you a full 120 days (that's 4 months) to try out the advice, recipes, tips and strategies contained in this package.

120 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Download your copy of the "Ultimate Guide To Your Dog's Diet & Nutrition" today and use the advice contained within for a full 120 days.

Try out the recipes for yourself and see how much you can save compared to buying commercial dog food. At the same time, observe your dog and see whether it's becoming more energetic, active and healthy.

If you're not convinced that this is really the ultimate guide to your dog's diet and nutrition, if you're not convinced that the paltry $27 you're paying today will save you thousands of dollars on pet food, vet bills and unwanted headaches... then just let us know and we'll refund every cent you paid promptly!

Remember: 37,766 dog owners just like you have benefitted from our advice over the years and we stake our reputation on providing you with the highest quality information you need to raise a healthy dog.

- Nancy Richards

Use our expert recipes for yourself to be convinced that preparing your own homemade dog food is really cheaper and healthier than store bought alternatives.

Or use our guide to choose the best and most suitable kind of commercial pet food for your dog.

If you feel that this ultimate guide has not lived up to its promise in any way, just let me know and I'll refund every cent you paid.

Look, if this ebook package doesn't give you a peace of mind, or directly save you time and money while helping your dog lead a better, healthier life... we don't want your money.

If you order anytime within 11:59:59 pm you will get the Basic Package at only $27

However, please note that the price of $27 is a discounted price. We fully intend to increase the price to $47 very soon as there is no way we can afford to keep the price at $27 for too long...So, if you order now, you can save $20!

But, if you decide not to order now, and in case we withdraw our discounted price of $27, you will have to pay the much higher price of $47.

  • It's fast, secure and so much simple!

  • Since this is an e-Course and everything is available online in a convenient digital format, there is nothing to ship.

  • Therefore You Pay no shipping costs And, Of Course, There's NO WAITING Either!

  • You may be located within the US or outside; you will get instant access to everything upon ordering!

The Training Course is very easy to use! Even a child will be able to use it! You don't have to be a techie or an expert to be able to use the course.

Note: Your order will be processed by - our credit card processor. Your order will be processed through a 100% secure web site. This means that your credit card details are completely safe and can never be stolen. There is absolutely NO possibility that anyone will get unauthorized access to your credit card information.

If you're going to spend more than $27 on dog food this month, then shouldn't you at least download your copy right now?

Yours truly,

Nancy Richards

P.S - You can either spend hundreds of hours working through all the information on the Internet yourself... trying to separate "fact" from "fiction"... or you can download this guide right now and start preparing nutritious meals for your dog within the next 15 minutes. Why leave the well-being of your beloved dog to chance? Download your copy right now.

P.P.S - This is what Dog Experts have to say about the product


I got a chance to review TrainPetDog's ebooks on Dog Diet and Nutrition. I think, they have put together one of the most complete packages of dog diet and nutrition available on the internet.

Every individual dog's diet needs are different. They have addressed that in a section where they talk about specific diet and nutrition needs for Puppies, Adult Dogs, Senior Dogs, Dogs with stomach problems, Dogs with itchy skin, Arthritic Dogs, Diabetic Dogs, Pregnant dogs and so many more cases.

Everyday, I come across so many dog owners who complain about their dog's food habits, their dogs being picky eaters or only eating table scraps.

I was really glad to find that has addressed all these issues in their Diet books.

By feeding your dog healthy dog food, you could be adding years to your dog's life and saving yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars in Vet bills.

I would recommend everyone to get a copy of these books. Follow the simple advice in the ebooks and you will have the best chance of having the happiest, healthiest, shiniest coated , playful dog in your neighborhood.

Wish you all healthy eating and healthy living for your dogs....

Thank you

Harley Harrington,
Senior Dog Trainer ,
British Columbia, Canada.


I've read the eBooks on Dog Diet, Nutrition and Health from and have nothing but great things to say about them.

With this package of eBooks from, you will learn to read a Dog Food Label, how much to feed your dog, feeding schedules and the foods that are dangerous for your dog.

With the entire package of eBooks, you can move beyond just feeding your dog and continue with the goal of keeping your pet happy and healthy for a long time to come.

The Bonus books show you not only how to maintain the health of your dog with balanced nutrition, but, they also follow it up with other things needed to keep your dog healthy, like exercise, massage, ailments, allergies, specialty diets, treats, teeth, skin, hair and nails, maintaining a standard of living, grooming, and so much more.

I think, every dog owner should read these books. This eBook package from gives you the information, knowledge and confidence to provide your dog with the best.

We all would love to add some more playful years to our dog's life�wouldn't we?

Carrie Mullins,
Professional Dog Sitter and Former Veterinary Assistant,
Michigan, USA.

Get The Dog Diet e-books now

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