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Our Tribute


A Tribute To Misty From TrainPetDog.com

Misty, we will miss you...

Misty left us on the 10th of February 2009.

Bidding a final farewell to a cherished friend is probably the best thing we can do for our grieving souls as we continue our lives without them...

The ones we love never leave us, but live in our hearts and give us the courage to carry on with grace


My shetland sheep dog Jenna Leigh, died on me about a month ago. She was only 9yrs. old, back on 4/3/09. I had a hard time. I cried everyday for 3 weeks. She had Sugar Diabetes and died of a Diabetic Coma. Her and I had a special bond because she knew I had to have my Oxygen on.

When ever she would hear me get on a coughing spree after taking a breathing treatment she would come into the room where I was, and lay down about 5 or 6 Ft. from me, and just lay and stare at me for an hour at a time.

I still can't talk about her yet. But I found a Sheltie about 150 miles from where I live and when I saw it in the Advertizment section of the paper, I called about her. She was the only one left out of a liter of 5. 3 males and 2 females. She will only get to be under 25 lbs.

I have had her now for going on 3 weeks. She was 12 wks. old when we bought her. I named her Gidget but I still all her Jenna once in a while. So does my Husband. We love her dearly. Where I go, she goes. She is laying under my computer desk right now. I just wanted to let you know a out Jenna dying on me.

I will continue being a member of the Elite Dog Club.

Thank You
God Bless!

Joyce Buchanan





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