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How To Train Your Dog To Listen To You…Always

You have gone through all the work of figuring out the best dog for you and finding a healthy dog. You are busy with housetraining. But your dog still doesn’t pay much attention to anything you say. What are you doing wrong? What words should you be using? What exactly should you train your dog to do or not to do?

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Teach Your Dog to Obey Your Commands

Most people want their dogs to walk “nicely” on a leash. It is essential that your dog come when called. Staying when told is also very helpful. But how do you teach your dog to do those things?

The key to success is understanding how the dog mind works, and then incorporating that with proven training techniques, a few training aids, and consistent training. Dogs do not understand every word in the human language. Instead, they learn a few words that they are told repeatedly and associate with a specific activity. For example, your dog may recognize the word ‘out’ and associate it with going outside. However polskie kasyno na Buzzsprout, if you change the word you use, he will no longer understand what you want. It is important that whatever word you choose to give as a command, you stick with that same word each and every time.

A word that often confuses dogs is ‘down’ because people use it to mean ‘lie down’ which is the correct usage. However, the dog also often hears it with the meaning of ‘get off the couch’ or ‘don’t jump on people’. Worse is when the word ‘down’ is used to mean all three things.

Consistent training in this situation  means that you would use ‘down’ to mean only ‘lie down’ and nothing else. If you want your dog to get off the couch, you would use the command ‘off’ rather than ‘down’ and if you want your dog to quit jumping on people, you would use a command like ‘floor’ or ‘no jump’ instead of ‘down’.

Do you Know about the Alpha Dog?

Before you can even begin training your dog, your must establish that you are the “Master” and he is the follower. In some breeds you will need to work every hour of every day to remind your dog that you are the Alpha Dog or Pack Leader (for example, Doberman Pinscher) while in other breeds (for example, Golden Retriever) you will only need to establish your “leader-follower” relationship at the beginning of your relationship.

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Learn the five key rules of being the pack leader. Help all your family members become pack leaders for your dog. If you are not the pack leader, your dog is. The pack leader trains the pack members. Become the pack leader!

Turn Your Unruly, Out-of-Control Dog Into An Obedient Pet… Quickly and Easily

Do you know how to measure your dog for a training collar? Do you know the “p” rather than “q” way to put the training collar on the dog? Do you know how to teach your dog these crucial commands?

  • Heel

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Stay – both Sit-Stay and Down-Stay

  • Come

  • Stand

  • Work Time

  • Free Time

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It is important you understand the pitfalls to avoid and tips for success when training your dog. There are 6 Secret Tips for Obedience Training Your Dog that you absolutely must remember when you teach the basic commands to your dog. Because many people do not remember these, their dogs never manage to learn the commands successfully.

There are 4 Common Mistakes that many dog owners make when they are trying to teach the basic commands to their dogs. You can easily avoid these mistakes.

Socialization commands are those commands that help your dog have good manners and become a welcome family member. These include:

  • Business

  • Hurry

  • No

  • Bad dog

  • Floor

  • Off

  • Pay attention

  • No bark

  • Boundary

  • Leave it

  • Ouch

  • Gentle

  • Take

  • Give

  • Drop

  • Toy – various toys by name

  • Put it away

Learn the 4 Primary Reasons Dogs have Behavior Problems and what to do. Find out how to work with a dog that has already developed bad habits. Un-training bad habits takes more time that training good habits, but will be rewarding for both you and your dog.

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What are the most frequent behavior problems? Jumping on people, digging, short attention span, leaving his home yard, and picking up things while on a walk are five of the most frequent behavior problems. Get step-by-step solutions to these and other problems.

Subscribe to The Dog Training Course today. Your dog will love you for learning the right way to train him. He will appreciate understanding what you expect and how to please you.

Learn how to teach your dog some basic tricks like

  • Play dead

  • Roll over

  • Beg

  • Dance

  • Shake

  • High five

  • Give me five

  • Speak

  • Fetch

  • Take a bow

  • Find it

  • See me

Your friends will be impressed with how smart your dog is and how talented you are for teaching him so many things!

Not all dogs are created equal, and therefore should not be expected to learn the same way, or in the same amount of time as any other dog – of the same breed or of different breeds. Each dog will be individual in his or her training. Always try to remain calm and patient with your dog and remember to praise and reward him every time he does something correctly.

Whatever your end goal, have fun and enjoy the bond that is created with your dog through training. He will definitely be enjoying the bond he feels with you as you work through The Dog Training Course together.

Dog with lovers


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