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To Our Site. is your online source for dog information, dog training, owner training and too much more to list here. So for your future dog care, living, shopping, dog and pet care needs, be sure to remember Train Pet Dog and this great dog and pet care online shopping and resource information directory.

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Below are some guidelines we ask you to follow. If you have a site or resource you feel is relevant, user & family friendly enough to be included here be sure to let us know by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject line reading: TrainPetDog Link Request.

In order to have a resource included in this Directory one must conform to the linking guidelines listed below.

  • Be sure to have our site listed prior to requesting a RECIPROCAL in return.

  • In the email let me know the “Category” that best fits your site’s content.

  • Google must at least have indexed the page our link is placed on.

  • We conduct “Reciprocal Link Checks” every 2 months. Please be sure to keep our site posted or your link will be removed if not found.

  • If offering anything other than a “Reciprocal” link, don’t bother unless you are offering a legitimate SEO friendly page to place our sites information on.

  • Not all Requests are granted space within this directory, please be sure to conform to what we have stated above before requesting a link from Train Pet Dog.

Link information needed for Reciprocation:

(use the link listed below)

  • Title: Puppy Training

  • Description: Puppy training for all breeds to help with potty training, socialization, obedience and more. Stop bad behaviors like excessive barking, biting and correct aggressiveness in your puppy – for all small and large breeds.

  • URL:

  • Title: Dog Breed

  • Description: All Dog Breeds included – get information on history, size, characteristics, temperament, health, grooming needs and more for all dog breeds. Also, visit for dog photos.

  • URL:

  • Title: Dog Obedience

  • Description: Dog Obedience training – made easy. Get easy, effective training tips for dog obedience – be a proud owner of an obedient, well behaved and a friendly dog.

  • URL:

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