Large Breed Dog Training | How to Train Big Dogs
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Training Large Dog Breeds

Though large dog breeds can present an intimidating challenge to most dog owners it is important to remember that these gentle giants are not as aggressive as their size might indicate. Great Danes, Irish Wolfhounds and a variety of Mastiffs have the appearance of a dangerous animal but in reality they are kind hearted canines that make great pets to have around families and children.

As with medium and large size dog breeds it is imperative that any giant size dog breed be trained when it is a puppy and before it grows into full size. No matter how good-natured a Great Dane may be if it hasn’t been taught discipline and obedience at a young age it will be near impossible to control him when he is twice your size. This doesn’t mean a giant dog breed will be vicious or ill-tempered but because of their great size such breeds can cause accidents and injuries when playing rough or without behavioral guidelines. What is a game to them can be serious trouble for a small adult or a child. The sooner you teach a big dog breed proper training, the easier it will be to control when it grows into its full size.

Large and giant dog breed owners need to remember that despite the size difference their tone and body language can trump a Great Dane’s imposing stature. Maintain eye contact and be firm in your commands with a giant dog breed in order to earn his respect. As with any dog breed the gentle giants want affection as well and using a consistent system of rewards for good behavior and punishments for bad behavior will train these dogs to act according to your rules. It’s rarely necessary to hit a dog and think twice before disciplining a large dog breed with a hand as the response can be more than you bargained for. A strong voice and stern stance can usually put any large dog breed in his place. Large dog breeds will obey an owner if they respect him. Make him respect you by diminishing his size through your control.

Giant Dog Breeds

Giant breeds grow rapidly compared to other smaller breeds but take longer to mature into their full adult sizes.

These breeds are best suited to a good sized or even large yard with ample scope to run around and play.

Very Large to Large Dog Breeds

Large-sized dogs are classified as dog breeds weighing 50 or more pounds.

Large dogs need more space, and are best suited to homes with a good sized yard. These dogs require regular exercise.

Alert and less startled, these breeds are better intruder detterents compared to smaller breeds.

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Dog with lovers
Dog with lovers