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Hovawart: Origin, Personality, Fitness & Health

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About Hovawart

Country of Origin, History of Hovawarts

The Hovawart’s country of origin is Germany. Some hundred years of so back an attempt was made in Germany to recreate the great estate-guarding dog of the ‘Middle Ages’. Selected farm dogs acquired in the Black Forest and Hartz mountain regions of Germany together with perhaps the Hungarian Kuvasz, German Shepherd and Newfoundland were used by a group of dedicated breeders to give rise to the Hovawart- an elegant worker.

There is written evidence of the existence of this versatile and intelligent breed in Eike von Repgow’s Sachsenspiegel. Mention of the dog is made here as ‘Hofewart’. The breed had become nearly extinct in the 1200s. However, records from the 1400s available illustrate and describe the Hovawart dogs tracking robbers. The reconstruction/recreation of the breed took place in the 1920s. It was Kurt Konig whose efforts in this regard proved to be successful and the german Kennel Club recognized the breed in 1937. This breed of dogs is particularly popular in Germany and it has been learnt that in the US only about 100 Hovawarts are there.

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Description of the Dog

The dog has a large and robust appearance. However, it is not heavy. The Hovawart looks somewhat like the Golden Retriever. Its body is slightly longer than tall. It has a straight back and gentle slopping croup. The head is powerful and has a rounded forehead. The muzzle is shorter than the skull. The dog has dark eyes. Its triangular shaped ears are set low and they hang down.

The dog has a single, flat-lying, dense, longhaired and wavy coat. There is feathering on the chest, legs, undersides and tail of the Hovawart. The colors of the coat are black, blonde or black and tan. Certain markings may also be there as specified in the standard. The colors of the eyes, the nose and the nails match with those of the coat. The dog’s tail is well feathered. The dog carries it low. It hangs past the hocks.


Male Hovawart dogs have heights ranging between 24 inches and 28 inches.
Bitches have heights ranging between 22 inches and 26 inches.

Weight: The dogs weight between 55 pounds and 90 pounds.

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Hovawart Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Breed

The dog qualifies as an excellent watchdog. It also makes a wonderful family dog. However, it is somewhat reserved towards strangers. The Hovawart remains calm while at home but becomes energetic once it goes outdoors. It is a determined and obedient dog. It remains loyal to the owner's family but has the tendency to become greatly affectionate and strictly devoted to a particular person (its master). If well socialized with children from a young age then the Hovawart can become their great friend later on. They may also well adjust with non-canine household pets if socialized properly from puppy-hood.

The dogs have good scenting noses and are intelligent and highly trainable. A consistent, loving and balanced training of the Hovawart can yield remarkable results. The dog needs a firm, experienced handler.

Some Hovawart strains have been found to be prone to fear biting. Again, others may be rather timid. However, Hovawart dogs have by and large been known to be having a strong sense of territory and do not readily desert their owners and owners' homes and properties.

Living Conditions

The dogs stay best with at least an average sized yard provided for them alongside their place of shelter. They are just moderately active indoors and apartment life is not recommended for them. Being especially suited for the role of outstanding watchdogs (for stables, fields, country houses etc.) they are adapted to sleeping outdoors and prefer cooler climes.

Hovawart Activity Level

Exercise requirement

Though the Hovawart dogs possess the nature of herding dogs and watchdogs, they can adapt themselves to the circumstances in which they are placed, provided they are taken out for a daily walk, jog or run. The dogs immensely enjoy getting opportunities to run and play off the lead. This keeps it in good mental and physical health too. The dogs would love to hike and go backpacking too. Their ability to run easily run over difficult terrain places them in good stead in this regard.


The coat of the dog is easy to groom. The Hovawart is an average shedder. It only calls for an occasional brushing and combing to keep the coat clean and free from shed hair. However, extra care needs to be taken while brushing/combing in the tangle prone areas of the coat/dog’s body.

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Free Hovawart Training Secrets

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Health and Care

Though a very healthy breed the European lines of this breed have been found to be having a widespread under active thyroid problem. The breed is also pretty prone to hip dysplasia. However, with stringent breeding practices being adopted this has been kept well under check.

National Breed Clubs

Life Expectancy: About 10-14 years.

Group: Herding Group

AKC Popularity Ranking: Foundation Stock Service.

Also Known As: Hovie

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