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"One Time Offer: Get Additional Breed
Diet Advice & Information For
Your Dog!"

Dear Fellow Dog Owner,

Thank you for taking the first step towards a healthier diet for your dog.

When we were developing this product, we noticed that many dog owners were looking for breed specific diet & nutrition information for their dogs.

That's why we created the Deluxe Package for the discerning dog owner who wants nothing but the very BEST for their dogs. The deluxe package normally sells for $97, but as someone who is ordering the Basic Package, you can upgrade to the Deluxe Package for just an additional $10.

You will get all the items in the Basic Package PLUS the following:

Deluxe Item: Diet Needs For Your Dog's Breed
Reference Guide

This 569 page guide covers the individual dietary needs for over 195 breeds of dogs - at puppy stage, adult stage and senior stage. Click here to see the complete list of dog breeds covered. For each breed, specific dietary instructions for puppies, adults and seniors are provided.

Additional Bonus #5: Advanced Best Dog Foods

Get the breakdown on 12 additional recommended commercial food for your dogs NOT covered in the basic package.

Additional Bonus #6:
30 Minutes Audio Interview On Dog Food Allergies

In this 30 minutes audio, canine nutritionist Sabine Contreras is interviewed on the subject of dog food allergies and how you can combat them using natural means.

Some of the insightful questions answered include:

  • Why do dogs develop food allergies?

  • Do dogs really get affected by gluten allergies?

  • What are the symptoms in pets with food allergies?

  • How do I find out which food my dog is allergic to?

  • What are some of the least allergic foods / non allergic food for dogs?

  • How are food allergies for dogs generally treated?

  • What are the common allergy-prone breeds / allergenic breeds?

  • What precautions should dog owners take for allergy prone breeds?

  • Is it true that dogs with a white coat are more prone to itchy skin?

  • What are the effect of toxins on dogs?

Additional Bonus #7:
50 Minutes Audio Interview On Feeding Raw Food To Dogs

One of the hottest topics right now is the BARF diet for dogs, which involves feeding raw, naturally available food to dogs. In this 50 minutes interview, canine nutritionist Sabine Contreras answers the following questions:

  • What is raw feeding?

  • What are the benefits of feeding a raw diet?

  • What are the risks of feeding raw food to dogs?

  • Do raw diets help dogs with special needs?

  • How do we feed raw food to dogs?

  • What are the steps to change over to raw food diet?

  • Can we feed raw bones to dogs?

  • What do you think about feeding raw spoiled food ingredients?

  • How do you balance protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fruits in a raw diet?

  • How much raw or natural food, as a whole, should I feed my dog per kilo or pound of body weight?

  • If someone feeds raw dog food like Primal or Raw Meat Diet, are there any additional supplements that should be added to make it 100% nutritional?

  • What are the symptoms and signs of not feeding the correct raw diet?

  • How does feeding raw foods compare to feeding packaged / commercial foods to dogs?

One Time Offer To Upgrade To The Deluxe Package

What You're Getting... Value

Basic Package


Deluxe Item: Diet Needs For Your Dog’s Breed Reference Guide


Additional Bonus #5: Advanced Best Dog Foods


Additional Bonus #6: 30 Minutes Audio Interview On Dog Food Allergies


Additional Bonus #7: 50 Minutes Audio Interview On Feeding Raw Food To Dogs



Price you pay to upgrade to the Deluxe package through this one-time offer


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If you order anytime within 11:59:59 pm you will get the Deluxe Package at only $37

However, please note that the price of $37 is a discounted price. We fully intend to increase the price to $97 very soon as there is no way we can afford to keep the price at $37 for too long...So, if you order now, you can save $30!

But, if you decide not to order now, and in case we withdraw our discounted price of $37, you will have to pay the much higher price of $97.

Yes Nancy! Let Me Take Advantage Of This One Time Offer And Upgrade To The Deluxe Package For An Additional $10! I understand that my decision today is completely risk free, and I have a full 120 days to ask for my money back if I'm not satisfied in any way.

No thanks, Nancy! Just Let Me Download The Basic Package For $27, And Miss Out On The Breed Specific Diet Advice, Advanced Dog Food Guide, And 2 Special Interviews On Dog Food Allergies & Raw Food For Dogs!

(I understand that by clicking the link above, I'll have to pay the full price of $97 should I decide to upgrade to the Deluxe Package in future. I also understand that I will NEVER return to this page again once I have made my choice.)

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