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Dog Exercising

Exercising any dog breed is essential to the overall health and happiness of the animal. There are over 400 breeds of canines and each has their own exercise needs and special training nuances. A key to enjoying a happy and healthy relationship with your pet is to first know your own lifestyle and to get a dog that matches.

If you are a high-energy person who loves to be out doors walking, hiking or jogging then a Retriever, Labrador or Setter will make a perfect companion. These breeds love to run and enjoy the companionship on a hike through the woods or on a beach. These dogs will not hesitate to jump in a lake or stream and will often lead the way on any outside excursion. While energetic and athletic, these dog breeds usually prefer to exercise with you and unless you join them, they might not make the effort.

Consequently, if you are an urban dweller who isn't very active then do not get a dog that is. Inactivity is a sure way to make any retriever depressed and life in a luxury condo is not their idea of fun. This is usually when furniture starts to get torn apart. For a slower pace lifestyle look into such breeds as Bulldogs, Dachshunds and Boston Terriers that require minimal exercise and are just as content laying around the house as they are going for a walk. The saying "let a sleeping dog lie" is true when it comes to breeds that require light to minimal exercise. Do not force a Chow Chow, Chihuahua or Pomeranian to run or walk. They are quite content to lounge around and could take offense to your pushing them to move. A light walk in the morning and evening is about all such breeds need for exercise.

Also keep in mind the structure of your pet's body. You can tell an Irish Setter has the physique to run and that a Bichon Frise does not. Picking out a pet that suits your lifestyle is very important so that you do not have irreconcilable differences. Depending on the breed you have there are a number of activities that will enhance their lives and yours including walks in the woods or on trails, swimming in rivers and even pools and running on dog tracks and even indoor equipment like treadmills. Just like people pets require certain levels of activity to maintain ideal heart rate and blood pressure. Know your breed and his specific needs and try to match closely with your own so you can forge a stronger bond by exercising together.





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