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Why Hasn't Anyone Told You The Truth

Are You A Proud Owner Of A Brand New Puppy? Then you'll want to hear the full, uncensored truth about how you can avoid paying up to $1,200 to train your dog and still have a perfectly housetrained, well-behaved pet that responds to your every command.
If you are eager to "housebreak" your dog because you have to put up with it making a mess - pooping, peeing around the house - digging, scratching, spilling, destroying your furniture and other unruly behaviour - here's what you need to know:

You Can Control 99% Of All These Behaviors
Without The Need For A Professional Trainer!

Because while these incidents annoy you when they happen - here is the real tragedy!
Some Pro-trainers charge HUGE sums of money to train your dog. But in truth they only depend on a few simple methods to get your dog to behave perfectly. What these high-priced trainers won't tell you is that these are methods anyone can learn. Methods that may seem incredible to the average dog owner but are actually quite simple.
Otherwise, how could so many dog owners like you train their own dogs? Check it out for yourself:
Rudy Romero
Owner of a Bull Terrier
California, US
...I was having problem with her listening to commands like sit, stay and come...One thing the book mentioned was how hard it would be to get her to respond to the command COME. That was so true....I was able to speak to a trainer who gave me advice on the proper way of training Abby....Abby is now listening and following most commands. I would recommend becoming a member of the Elite Dog Club. They helped me and Abby.

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...I was having problem with her listening to commands like sit, stay and come...One thing the book mentioned was how hard it would be to get her to respond to the command COME. That was so true....I was able to speak to a trainer who gave me advice on the proper way of training Abby....Abby is now listening and following most commands. I would recommend becoming a member of the Elite Dog Club. They helped me and Abby.
Please note that these videos were recorded by our customers using their handphones. They may not be of professional quality. But you will get to see how actual dog owners have really benefited from our course.

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Rudy Romero
California, US
Teri Graham
Washington, US
Shirley Kaminsky
California, US
Trude Reiser
Illinois, US
Theresa Santa
Arizona, US
Rick Smith
Florida, US
Terry Vines
California, US

As a proud new dog owner you want what every other caring owner wants:
  • A dog that is fully house-trained
  • A dog that doesn't destroy stuff around the home
  • A dog that obeys your every command
  • A dog you can control in any situation - at home or in public
  • A dog that listens - even at a distance
But you don't need to have a Degree in Dog Handling in order to coax this behaviour from your pet.
With proven methods of Dog Training, you can see a radical change in your dog's behaviour almost immediately. This is the truth.
With these methods you can quickly house train your dog. Correct any of its unwanted behavior - from pooping in the house to scratching your furniture to biting and nipping and digging in the yard. You can keep your precious pup from crying, howling, and whimpering at night...guaranteed.
You can get your dog to walk on a leash by your side without pulling you. You can use treats effectively to get them to behave the way you want. You can understand what your dog is thinking in an instant and learn the best way to communicate with it. You can take advantage of your dog's natural desire to obey you.
And that's exactly what so many of our customers have done. Here is what they have to say:

Paula Peroni
Owner of Beagle
Ontario, CA
The trainer knew how to answer all of the questions I had and made me sure of training techniques. She answered more than just the biting question but the biggest tip I received was to stop trying to train my pup on the pee pad and outside. And she taught me how to make the transition and how to make it easier to just train her to go outside.

Here're some customer feedback about our FREE Training course


Adnan Ayub Khan
Owner of Labrador Retriever
I read all your instructions and I was like wow ! I was wandering to find a best trainer for Shadow. Now I think I don't have to wander anymore because I am at the best place . I'm feeling so lucky. Well, I read all your instructions and I think they are quite easy steps to train Shadow. Thanks for contacting me . Please email me the link of that book . I am so excited to get mine and Shadow's gift .God Bless You.

Sarah Silver
Owner of Pomeranian
Thank you so much for your training course. I've learned so much just with the intro video and your first two lessons so far. I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about my dogs until now. I can't express how excited I am about how much I've learned about Poms. I'm so glad I found you and your help so far. Thank you.

Mughis Uddin Haider
Owner of German Shepherd
I am extremely thankful to you for the wonderful information you have provided So far. Certainly the tips you provided in your previous e-mails worked fantastic.

Matt Farley
Owner of Labrador Retriever
Thank you,your information has been really helpful.I plan on ordering the full course once I start my new job and save up a little money.Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

Freda Culloty
Owner of Bichon Frise
Thank you for your tips for helping me to train a new bichon. She is doing good and they are helping me. I really appreciate any tips I get. Thank you very much.Freda.( Ireland. )

Stacy Stone
Owner of Rottweiler
I have received your emails and thank you so,so very ,very much they have been extremely helpful. I wont lie it is still a work in progress but I can most defiantly see that its working as Prince is already calming down a lot sooner than he normally does when jumping up on anyone he can get close enough to, he actually has started to listen to me now and understands what hearing my voice at these times mean. Trust me when I say how much nicer it is to take him for a walk now. Thank you so much for all your help and I look forward to receiving your gift & your next email step to making my Prince an amazing & wonderful dog.

Owner of Pug
I got mail from you regarding training tricks for pugs.I really likes your tricks and methods to train pug as a good dog.really thanking you sooo much to guiding me to do the proper way of training pug. All the best wishes for your future plans and works and blesses too. Waiting for more tricks and ideas. Thanking you

Wendy Lathrr
Owner of Yorkshire Terrier
So far I am loving all the info I’m getting about my beautiful new 8 week old baby boy Diesel !!! Thank u so much! I will be ordering the training course in a couple of days. Thank u so much for all this great info.

Nicole Weeks
Owner of Jack Russell Terrier
They were indeed helpful, Mamacita has been a little more obedient and happier than before. Thank you so much for sharing those tips with me.

Lauren San Miguel
Owner of Bulldog
Thank you so much for your knowledge and help. It has helped me get Missy to go potty outside without having to spank and be gentle with her thank you so much.

Isioma Gogo-Anazodo
Owner of Labrador Retriever
Thank you Nancy for the emails I have received these past two days. They have been very helpful being that this is the first time we are having a dog and don't have a single experience in having a pet. Applying your recommendations have been rewarding, especially on seeking attention at the wrong time. Out first instinct (My husband and i) has been to play with Ariana each time she jumps on us. But ignoring her and looking away when she jumps has been working. I guess it will take a while for her to settle.We will be sure to follow the training and hope we will have a well behaved lab very soon. Thank you.

Averie Gurney
Owner of Pug
Wow this is amazing!! I have been trying your tips and they are improving him already. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help me with my puppy. I would love to download the e-book and keep receiving tips. Thanks again! Have a great day.

Solomon Max
Owner of Spitzs
The advice was helpful, especially when to give Coco attention, turns out I was the one who was wrong. Lmao. I managed to train her on when to touch her food, if I say leave, she leaves the food, if I say eat she eats. Still training her on other things. Thanks for the tips again.

Mason Schmidt
Owner of Labrador Retriever
This is Kim. Marlee's Mommy. I've only had a chance to read one so far but, out of all the training classes I had never heard this tip before and it is going to be very helpful. It was the one on training her to stop jumping and telling her paws on ground while taking her paws and actually putting her paws on the ground at the same time. Marlee is proving to be very smart. We have mastered sit, down, stay and currently trying to teach her to watch me, or look at my face and hand expressions when talking to her. She is also doing fairly well walking with me on her leash.Thank you for all of your wonderful tips I truly enjoy reading them and learning more ways of doing something.