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Belgian Tervuren: Breed Personality, Fitness & Care

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About Belgian Tervuren

Country of Origin, History of Belgian Tervurens

Belgium is the country of origin of the Belgian Tervuren. The name of the breed comes from the Belgian village of Tervuren. The founder of the Tervuren breed was Brewer M. Corbeel a resident of Tervuren. It was his fawn dog that was bred with a black longhaired dog of M. Donhieux to give rise to the dog that became the prototype for the Tervuren standard.

Since 1959 the Tervuren has been recognized as a breed distinct from Groenendael and Malinois (the other Belgian Sheepdogs). Its popularity as a companion dog is rising though its similarity in appearance to the German Shepherd Dog has hindered its prospects of being regarded as a top-ranking dog.

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Description of the Breed

The Belgian Tervuren like other Belgian Sheepdogs is a medium sized and square proportioned dog.

The dog’s hindquarters are muscular but not look very heavy. Its fore legs are straight and parallel to each other and have round cat-feet. The dewclaws ought to be removed from the back legs and may also be removed from the front legs. The skull is flat and is parallel to the plane of the tapering muzzle. The dog is black-nosed and has tight lips. The lips enclose teeth that meet in a scissors bite.


It has got a characteristic thick double coat that has a mahogany color with varying degrees of black overlay, including a black mask. There may be a small patch of white on the chest and white tips on toes. Sable or gray colored Tervuren may also be available.


Dogs have heights ranging between 24'' and 26''
Bitches have heights ranging between 22'' and 24''


Dogs weigh 65-75 pounds
Bitches weigh 60-70 pounds.

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Belgian Tervuren Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Breed

These are energetic and intelligent dogs. Bring working/herding dogs they need a job to keep themselves occupied. Herding, obedience, agility, flyball, tracking, protection and search and rescue work can keep them well occupied.

The dogs have a territorial and protective instinct. They need to be trained and socialized well from early age so as to ensure that they can get along fine with children, other dogs and other pets of the family. The dogs best respond to a training procedure that is firm but not harsh.

The dogs make loyal companions that bond wonderfully with the family. However, they stay aloof from strangers. They just hate being locked up in kennels and enjoy being with members of the owners' family. They make great watchdogs. The Belgian Shepherd Dogs are however not recommended for everyone because their maintenance level is pretty high and only experienced dog owners/trainers can best handle them. Owners need make the dogs a part of themselves if they wish to keep the dog happy and make them properly trained.

Living Conditions

They can stay fine in homes/apartments provided they get adequate exercise. The dog stays only moderately active indoors. Hence, it is advisable to provide a yard of at least of average size for the dog to play/run around to its heart's content.

The dog prefers cooler climates. However, it can adapt well to other climates too. It prefers staying with people though it can live outdoors all by itself too.


An active outdoor life is what the dog is best suited for. Hence, it needs to be given lot of exercises. A long daily walk is important for the dog apart from other exercises. Letting the dogs off-leash in some safe area and allowing it to play and run can go a long way to keep the dog happy and fit in both mind and body.


The thick double coat of the dog that is constantly shed throughout the year requires considerable grooming. The coat is shed lightly throughout the year in all dogs and males shed heavily once a year while females shed heavily twice a year. A good thorough brushing of the coat once or twice a week is a must apart from a daily combing/brushing ritual. The mats that form especially in the ruff and on the legs are to be clipped out. Similarly hairs that form between the toes and on the outer ears are also to be clipped occasionally.

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Free Belgian Tervuren Training Secrets

Free Course on Belgian Tervuren Training & Obedience
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Health and Care

By and large this is a healthy and hardy breed. There are no major health concerns associated with the breed. However, there are some minor health problems of the breed that have been observed- epilepsy, skin allergies, eye problems. Hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia are also occasionally seen. Some dogs show excessive shyness and some show excessive aggressiveness. This can be considered as a health problem too. The dog also has a tendency to become lazy and obese. So, it should not be overfed.

Life Expectancy: 12-14 years.

National Breed Clubs

Breed Club:

Rescue Link:

Group: Herding Group

AKC Popularity Ranking: 106

Also Known As: Chien de Berger Belge, Tervuren, Belgian Shepherd Dog (Tervuren).

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