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Pharaoh Hound: Temperament, Health, Grooming

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About Pharaoh Hound

Country of Origin, History of Pharaoh Hounds

Some people believe that the Pharaoh Hound descended from the dogs shown in the tomb paintings of Ancient Egypt. However, in reality, this is not such an ancient dog.

Dogs, very similar to the Pharaoh Hound, have been mentioned in scripts dtd 1647. They were called "Cernechi" and were widely used for rabbit-hunting.

The first two specimens of the breed were brought to Britain in the 1920s, but at that time, no litter was bred. Again, some dogs were imported to the UK in the early 1960s, and the first litter was born in 1963.

The breed standard was approved by the British Kennel Club in 1974.

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A General Appearance of the Dog

The Pharaoh Hound is a graceful, lithe, athletic sighthound. The head is wedge-shaped and chiseled. The flat skull and muzzle are long and slim. The small eyes are amber or light brown. The ears are very large and stand erect. The nose is tan and speckled with pink. The brisket is deep and the abdomen moderately tucked up. The whip-like tail with a white tip is carried down, thick at the root, tapering to a point. The front legs are straight.


The coat is short and glossy in red or tan, often with white markings. A white star on the chest, white on toes and/or a thin white line down the center of the face are permitted.


Dogs 23-25 inches (59-63 cm.)
Bitches 21-24 inches (53-61 cm.)


Male Pharaoh Hounds weigh 50-55 lbs.
Females weigh 45-50 lbs.

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Pharaoh Hound Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Breed

The Pharaoh Hound is reasonably independent, peaceful, playful, loyal, brave, intelliegent, quiet, well-behaved and a most pleasant companion dog. This breed loves children, but treats strangers with reserve, dominant toward other male dogs and should not be trusted with rabbits, cats and other small non-canine pets. When the dog is excited, it blushes, with his nose and ears turning a glowing deep rose. This breed is very fast and likes to chase things.

Are they suited to homes with kids?

Pharaoh Hounds are well suited to families with kids. They are patient and gentle with children, and they get along well with other dogs.

Living Condition

The Pharaoh Hound will be okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised. It is relatively inactive indoors and will do best with at least a large, high-fenced yard. It needs soft bedding and warmth and generally should not be expected to sleep outside except in warm climates. It would prefer to sleep with its family.


It would enjoy brisk, long walks, running alongside on a leash while the owner bicycles and occasional sprints. Training should always be consistent and gentle as this breed can be very sensitive to a harsh voice. Prone to timidity, the trainer must be well experienced with this breed so they're not to frighten him. The Pharaoh Hound is rather intelligent and can do well in obedience. It should be socialized at an early age to avoid timidity.

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Free Pharaoh Hound Training Secrets

Free Course on Pharaoh Hound Training & Obedience
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It is only necessary to remove dead and loose hair of this average hedder with a rubber brush. It should be bathed or dry shampooed only when necessary. The Pharaoh Hound is a clean dog with no doggy odor.

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Free Pharaoh Hound Training Secrets

Free Course on Pharaoh Hound Training & Obedience
Stop All Bad Behavior, Excessive Barking and Biting

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Health and Care

This is a very healthy and hardy breed, but can be highly sensitive to insecticides and medicines. They are sensitive to barbiturate anaesthetics. Their ears are thin and prone to frostbite when in cold climates.

Life Expectancy: 11-14 years.

National Breed Clubs

Breed Club:

Rescue Link:

Group: Hound Group.

AKC Popularity Ranking: 172

Also Known As: Kelb Tal-Fenek

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