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Bearded Collie: Characteristics, Exercise, Health (Beardie)

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About Bearded Collie

Country of Origin, History of Bearded Collies

A Polish sea captain traded three of his Polski Owczarek Nizinnys, or PONs, to a Scottish shepherd for a ram and ewe in 1514. The dogs bred with local herding stock and their offspring formed the basis of the Bearded Collie breed, which became known as the ‘Highland Sheepdog’ or ‘Highland Collie’ or ‘Hairy Moved Collie.’ Collie is a Scottish word for sheep-herding dog. The dogs were (and still are) highly valued for their ability to do a good herding job in southern Scotland’s misty, rainy and cold.

The Bearded Collie nearly disappeared, but a mating pair revived it in 1944. The Bearded Collie Club was founded in England in 1955. The first U.S. litter was born in 1967.

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A General Appearance of the Dog

The Bearded Collie is a medium-sized shaggy herding dog whose face and tail are always happy. Beardies bounce (a type of trot) everywhere they go – and they are on the move much of the time. Its demeanor exudes strength, agility, and endurance. He appears to have stocky legs and a square head with a short muzzle, but part of that appearance is due to his long, flowing coat. He has a bright, inquiring expression.

Coat Color

All Bearded Collies are born black, blue, brown or fawn and may or may not have any white markings. With maturity, the coat lightens and white markings may appear as a blaze on the face, on the skull, on the tip of the tail, on the chest, legs and feet and around the neck. Tan accent markings can appear on eyebrows, inside of ears, on the cheeks, and on the legs.

Coat Type

Bearded Collie has a double coat with the outer coat being water-resistant. The undercoat is soft, furry, and close. The outercoat is flat, harsh, and shaggy (not woolly or silky) and has no curliness. The coat flows down both sides of the dog’s body.


Male: 21-22”
Female: 20-21”.


40-60 lbs

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Bearded Collie Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog

The Bearded Collie, or 'Beardie', is known by its happy-go-lucky bounce, which shows its playful attitude. They can be mischievous.

Beardies are lively and playful and are very good with children. They need constructive activities such as herding, hiking, jogging, biking or watching over other pets to stop them from getting bored. If these dogs don't get lots of attention and exercise, they dig, chew and get into trouble.

Better suited to an indoor or outdoor lifestyle?

They love to be outside, but can overheat due to their heavy coat. Because they like to run and to be outside (in all types of weather), they are not recommended for apartment life. Even when they are indoors, they will bounce and play. They love to run rather than being on a leash, so a large, securely fenced yard is necessary.

Bearded Collies do not mind being outdoors most of the time as long as there is a sheltered place they can sleep and the weather is not too hot or humid. However, they should not be left to entertain themselves as they will get into trouble. They need a job to do such as herding sheep or goats. They also need interaction with people.

Are they suited to homes with kids?

Beardies are lively and playful and are very good with children. This is an excellent family dog.

Bearded Collie Activity Level

How active is the breed?

They are very active all through their lives. They love to play games with their owners. Even when they are indoors, they will bounce and play. They love to run rather than being on a leash, so a large, securely fenced yard is necessary.

How much exercise is needed at every stage of life?

Bearded Collies need quite a bit of exercise at all stages of life. Everything and everyone excites the Beardie, causing him to start bouncing.


Daily brushing is necessary for the long, heavy coat. Mats should be teased out as they are found. In spring and fall, when the dog is shedding, he may need the use of a shedding blade.

Professional grooming twice a year is a real help in coat care. Ears, eyes, and paws need to checked a couple of times a week.

Check for ticks and fleas and don’t forget use a monthly flea and tick preventative.

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Free Bearded Collie Training Secrets

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Health and Care

Genetic Problems

Hip dysplasia, Addison's disease, thyroid disease, and EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) are possible health issues for Beardies.

Breeding the Dog and any Cautions

Breeding has no known problems.

Litter Size: Litter sizes are usually 6-8 but can be as few as 4 or as many as 12.

Life Span: They live to be 14-15 years of age.

National Breed Clubs

National Breed Clubs

US – Bearded Collie Club of America –
British – Bearded Collie Club –


Rescue Link:

Group: AKC Herding Group, KCGB Pastoral

AKC Popularity Ranking: 127

Also Known As: Beardie

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