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Terrier Dogs

Popular among households as loving pets, Terriers are distinctly known for their high-spirited nature and energetic personality. They are feisty by character with high tendencies toward digging and barking. Terriers are also popular for their loyalty and protective nature

Most terriers have very little tolerance for any other animals in the household and will chase them with the intent to kill them. Usually, they will not even tolerate other dogs around. This make owning additional pets more difficult.

Terriers love an argument. Therefore, they will get into a barking match with any dog passing by or living in a yard down the street. They are generally barkers, but this behavioral aspect can be controlled with obedience training started from an early age.

They vary in size from the small Cairn Terriers to the large Airedale Terriers. The majorities have wiry coats (although the Australian Terrier and Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier are exceptions), which require special care called stripping that is normally done by a groomer every 6-8 weeks.

Many of the Terriers adapt well to apartment living and love playing inside and going for walks. When assimilated correctly into a family (usually as the only pet), they are lively participants who love each member of the family.

Loyal, obedient and intelligent the Terrier breed has become one of the most popular dog families in the world. Energetic, playful and cunning Terriers make great house pets and have an instinctive nature to protect their owners and especially children. When you choose a terrier youve picked a fighter and a friend. Terriers will gladly engage any other dog in a barking match, will never back down from confrontation and can be dangerously aggressive if they feel threatened.

Unfortunately one of the most well known terriers is the American Bull terrier that has achieved infamy due to awful and negligent owners, dog fighting rings and gangs. Do not let this pathetic segment of the population deter you from choosing and raising a loving, caring and gentle bull terrier that will return your affection and be a friend for life. No dog is born malicious its the owner that teaches them to be unfriendly. Treat a bull terrier with love and affection and he will surprise you with his kindness. Bull Terriers tend to recognize and obey only one master so be firm in your rearing and teach him to obey your commands to prevent his acting out on his own.

Though Terriers can be independent generally they will wait for their master's word before taking any action. Other wonderful terriers include the elegant Kerry Blue known for their muscular frame and stunning slate blue coat, the Parson Russell (aka the Jack Russell) arguably one of the smartest animals in the dog family and the classic Scottish Terrier whose black beard and affectionate nature make him a family favorite.

*American Kennel Club Listing of Terrier Dog Breeds

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