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How to Select the Right Dog Breeder?

You have decided that you will adopt a Dog. Have you thought through whether a Dog will fit into your lifestyle? Or, would a bigger dog be better?

Before you adopt a Dog from a Breeder or a Rescue, you should evaluate the following aspects of Dog ownership.

  • Are you sure a Dog will fit your family and your lifestyle?

  • Owning a Dog is a commitment for the next 12 to 15 years. Are you ready to take that commitment and responsibility for all these years?

  • Do you know how much will it cost to own a Dog and to raise and take care of it?

  • Should you adopt a male Dog or a female?

  • Should you take a puppy or an adult Dog?

Why do you need to think of these aspects?

Because, every year, 5 to 8 million dogs are being relinquished to the shelters. In most cases, the families are not ready to continue with their pets. And most of these dogs have to be finally euthanised.

So, think through your decision once more and only then take your first step towards Dog adoption

Once you are sure that you really want to have a Dog, your next step is to determine the source from where to get the dog.

  • Are you planning to get the dog from a friend or a family?

  • Do you plan to get a puppy from a breeder?

  • How will you select the right breeder?

  • Is a pet store a good source to get a Dog ?

  • Are you looking for a Dog Rescue to adopt a dog from there?

  • What questions should you ask at the Pet Store or the Breeder?

  • How to identify a healthy puppy (or an adult dog) with the right temperament?

And, finally, you should also know how to prepare your home and your family members before you get the new Dog.

How to get your dog adjusted to your home environment?

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  • Adopting A Dog From A Rescue – what are the steps that you should follow

  • Should you adopt a puppy or an older dog?

  • Should you adopt a male or a female dog?

  • Why is it important to get your dog neutered or spayed and what to expect in the process?

  • How to get your Dog adjusted to your home environment

  • How to prepare your home and family to welcome your new friend home

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Dog with lovers


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