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Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgi: Health, Diet, LifeSpan, Temperament...

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About Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Country of Origin, History of Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgis

The exact origins of the breed are unknown, but the Corgi is believed to date back to around the 10th century. It is believed he might be related to another herding breed, the Swedish Vallhund, but it is unclear.

He has been a valued herding dog in Wales for centuries. The Corgi is a natural herding dog, and he will eagerly herd sheep just as well as cattle. He is bred to control movement through circling, barking, and hard nipping.

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi became a recognized breed in the early 20th century and has enjoyed widespread popularity since. The Queen of England has long enjoyed Corgi companions. Although the Corgi will still eagerly herd, he is just as happy to serve as a friendly, faithful family companion.

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A General Appearance of the Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgi

The Corgi is a true dwarf breed with short legs and a long back but proportional. He is a small dog but very muscular. He has an appearance of strength and stamina. His tail will be either a natural bob (a cute little digit that will wag!) or a close, docked tail-less look.

His face gives a foxy appearance, and he should have an animated expression. A Corgi almost looks like he is smiling at you when happy or devious!

The Teacup Corgi has a thick coat that sheds endlessly, although two major shedding times in the year. It should lie predominantly flat across the body. Occasionally, a more open coat occurs, although this is not desirable. These dogs, known as Fluffies, have longer hair.

The Corgi comes in a few color shades: red, sable, black and tan, and fawn. White often pairs with these colors on most Corgis to create red and white, tri-colors, etc.

The Corgi should be of medium weight with males not weighing more than 30 pounds and females not more than 28 pounds. It is not desirable to be over-sized. Teacup Corgis are simply Corgis that are smaller than their counterparts, 12-15 pounds. These Corgis are at least half the size the normal Corgi but just as spirited.

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Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgi Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog.

Indoor or Outdoor Lifestyle

Corgis are very active dogs, and the majority love to herd. It is hard to remove this instinctual breed characteristic. While they were bred to herd animals, they will quickly adapt to herding anything else, especially running children!

A Teacup Corgi is not the best choice for a home with small children. It is a sturdy dog but is quickly motivated by movement and will give chase to running children, nipping them if necessary to stop movement.

They can do very well in small spaces with lots of daily exercise, but a fenced yard is a must in a home. They will chase cars, bikes, joggers, etc.

Corgis also bark, a trait of most herding breeds. They make excellent alerting dogs, but they are not a watch dog. They may bark too much for apartment living.


Corgis are exceptionally intelligent and easy to train, but they can be stubborn. Harsh training methods will not work. Instead, train using lots of motivation in a clear and consistent manner.

Teacup Corgis must have clear rules and leadership. Otherwise, a Corgi will make up its own rules. Begin training early and socialize well.

Corgis can live with other animals and love to play with other dogs. They may chase cats. Socialize to cats early on.

Corgis excel at numerous areas of training, and the standard size can be seen not just in herding events but also obedience and agility.

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Free Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgi Training Secrets

Free Course on Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgi Training & Obedience
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Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgi Activity Level

As young dogs, Teacup Corgis are very active and need plenty of daily exercise. They love to play with other dogs, chase balls, and go for walks. The level decreases as the dog ages, but they remain a more active breed for life.

If you don't provide enough activities and exercise each day, a Teacup Corgi will find other things to do!


A Teacup Corgi will shed a lot. There are seasonal sheddings that are heavier, but the Corgi also sheds year-round. This is easy to keep under control with several brushings a week. A good slicker brush or pin brush will pull out stray, loose hairs. For heavy shedding, a de-shedding tool like the Furminator does an excellent job.

Toenail care is very important. The toes are positioned close to the ground, and if the toenails are not trimmed every week-two weeks, the nails quickly grow too long. For proper toenails and good foot care, trim a tiny amount off each week.

The Teacup Corgi requires minimal bathing. Regular ear cleaning and dental care are also important.

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Free Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgi Training Secrets

Free Course on Teacup Pembroke Welsh Corgi Training & Obedience
Stop All Bad Behavior, Excessive Barking and Biting

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Health and Care

There are a few breed related health concerns to watch out for: hip dysplasia, eye problems, degenerative myelopathy, heart problems (PDA), auto-immune disorders, and cancer.

Many of the genetic issues have tests that are available and can be avoided with proper breeding procedures. Smaller sized or teacup sized Corgis should be thoroughly evaluated to make sure the size is not due to a health issue like a PDA.

The other main concern is weight. Corgis have voracious appetites and will eat most anything. They will quickly become obese. Don’t free-feed your Teacup Corgi but instead provide several small meals a day and don’t overdo treats.

The lifespan for the average Corgi is 10-12 years.

National Breed Clubs

Group: Herding Group.

AKC Popularity Ranking: 13

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