Teacup Maltese: Training & Raising Teacup Maltese Dog Breeds
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Teacup Maltese: Health, Diet, LifeSpan, Temperament...

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About Teacup Maltese

Country of Origin, History of Teacup Malteses

There are references to the Maltese dog in the writings and art works of 5000 – 2000 B.C. As its name suggests, it is believed to have originated from the Isle of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. Whether that is where they originated or where they were first recognized is not known. They were once known as “Ye ancient dogge of Malta.”

Maltese have been owned by royalty all around the world for more than 28 centuries. Originally they were a much larger dog, but they have been bred “down” to smaller and smaller sizes over the past couple of centuries.

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A General Appearance of the Teacup Maltese

This tiny dog is covered from head to toes with a long, silky white coat which parts along his spine and flows down both sides of the dog. He has a compact body with his height (at the shoulder) equal to his length (shoulder to base of tail). The chest is deep, but he is well-proportioned. His head is slightly rounded with drop ears covered in long hair. His nose is black but can get lighter in the winter when he is not outside in the sun as much.

The Maltese’s legs are well-feathered and his feet are small with black pads. His long head-hair is often tied in a bow or topknot.

He moves jauntily with a smooth, flowing gait. His long-haired, well-plumed tail is carried gracefully over his back with its tip lying to the side.

Coat Color

White all over

Coat Type

Maltese have no undercoat; therefore, they do not shed. Thus, they are considered hypoallergenic. Since they do not shed, they need regular brushing and clipping (often from a professional groomer). The coat is normally long and silky and covers the entire dog.


The Teacup or Tiny Maltese is smaller than that recognized by the AKC, so he or she is less than 4 lbs and under 7 inches.

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Teacup Maltese Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog.

Although they are small dogs, Teacup Maltese are brave and very energetic dogs. They can be bossy. Many do not tolerate children or other pets, but if the children or other pets are present when the puppy is introduced to the home, he will adjust but will become bossy to them.

They learn quickly and pick up new behaviors and tricks easily. They are very loyal and protective of their owners and property. In fact, they may nip or bite anyone they perceive as a threat to their territory. No matter how small the dog, he will appear to be without fear if he feels the need.

They have strong back legs and often jump on and off furniture very quickly.

He is trusting of those he knows. He shows affection easily. He is quite responsive and gentle-mannered. But they remain quite lively and playful throughout their lives.

Indoor or Outdoor Lifestyle

All teacup-sized dogs should live inside the house. However, the Teacup Maltese will enjoy a daily walk and will love going in the car. He can be trained to potty outdoors, in a litter box, or on a potty pad – just don’t confuse him with two methods. He can get enough exercise in the house if he needs to do so. Because he is lively and energetic, make sure he gets enough play time.

Are they suited to homes with kids?

Teacup Maltese are not suited to young children. With supervision, middle-aged children and above can play with and handle these small dogs. Monitor children to make sure they do not squeeze this tiny dog too tightly or smother it or toss it around like a stuffed toy. They can be injured easily. Noisy children or running children will easily frighten the Teacup Maltese.


Teacup Maltese may be one of the harder breeds to housetrain, but with persistence and patience, they can be housebroken to potty outdoors, on a potty pad, or in a litter box. However, do not confuse them with using one method and then another or giving them choices. Sign up now for our Free Tips for Housetraining Your Maltese.

Maltese, in general, are standoffish and need extensive exposure to people and unusual sights and sounds to keep them from becoming fearful or shy. Teacup Maltese tend to be a bit more skittish and cautious than their larger counterparts.

Make sure you or someone in your home will be home most of the day as Teacup Maltese are prone to separation anxiety. They do not like being left alone for more than a few hours. They are also quick to bark at every sight and sound, but can be trained to respond to a “no bark” or “quiet” command.

Many Maltese can be trained to a high degree in obedience because they are attentive and responsive. Always use positive reinforcement and never punish or yell at or strike your dog. Start training early and be consistent and patient.

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Free Teacup Maltese Training Secrets

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Teacup Maltese Activity Level

The Teacup Maltese can satisfy his need for activity by several indoor or outdoor playtimes a day. However, he will greatly enjoy a daily walk. He will be interested in all types of things going on outdoors. Give him a place where he can look out the door or window. He will jump on and off furniture easily.

How to take care of Puppy?

Feed a Teacup Maltese at regular intervals. As a puppy he may need up to 5 meals a day to keep his tummy full and his energy up. Sometimes the breeder will recommend a supplement if he is especially tiny. As an adult, two meals a day will suffice.

The Teacup Maltese should be confined to a safe room using baby or puppy gates and given safe chew toys for his own safety. Puppies should have a couple of short walks a day and at least one short training session a day. Start housetraining immediately and be persistent.

Teacup puppies are fragile and should be given a rest after 30 minutes of play. Keep a strict watch on children when they are handling puppies until you are confident of their ability to handle the puppy appropriately.

Learn to train your Teacup Maltese to be a loving and obedient pet by signing up for our Free Maltese Training Course.


Teacup Maltese require regular grooming appointments. Whether their coat is kept in show condition or cut to “puppy cut” conditions, a monthly groomer appointment will be necessary and daily brushing is necessary.

A weekly bath may be necessary since these are white dogs. To keep them bright white, get shampoo specifically formulated for white dogs (it may contain bluing agents). During the bath, check their anal glands and clean them as necessary. The dog’s ears must be checked and can be cleaned using an ear cleaning solution.

The Teacup Maltese needs its nails clipped every 3-4 weeks. All small dogs are prone to gum infections so their teeth should be cleaned twice a week. Check with your vet for a vaccination against this infection.

Because these are white dogs, they can have tear staining around their eyes and nostrils. To cut down on this you may want to serve them distilled water and food without food coloring in it or use a product made for this purpose.

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Free Teacup Maltese Training Secrets

Free Course on Teacup Maltese Training & Obedience
Stop All Bad Behavior, Excessive Barking and Biting

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Health and Care

Teacup Maltese are generally healthy. If they jump on and off of furniture, they will be prone to spine problems and knee problems. The only other health issues can be portacaval shunt, progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), and patellar luxation.

Feeding your Teacup Maltese correctly will help to keep him healthy. Learn more about the correct diet for your Maltese.

Weight: Less than 7 pounds

Height: Up to 10 inches

Litter size: 2-4 puppies

Life Span: 9-12 years, sometimes up to 15 years

National Breed Clubs

Group: Toy Group.

AKC Popularity Ranking: 37

Also Known As: “Ye ancient dogge of Malta”

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