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Teacup Dachshund: Health, Diet, LifeSpan, Temperament...

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About Teacup Dachshund

Country of Origin, History of Teacup Dachshunds

The little Dachshund actually originated in Germany as a fierce little hunting dog. It’s hard to imagine that such a short-legged, long-backed dog was much of a hunter, but these traits made him perfect to fit into tight quarters.

The Dachshund was used by hunters to scent for wild animals like fox and badger. Once detecting their hole or den, the dog was sent straight into the face of the animal to attempt to drive it out of its hole through barking, growling, and biting. In fact, the breed’s name actually defines what his job was: Badger Dog.

If you know that the badger is known as one of the fiercest, most aggressive wild animals, imagine what the Dachshund had to be like?

Since his beginnings, the Dachshund has now evolved into one of the most popular small dogs around. He might be far removed from the badger hole, but many of these early traits remain.

The teacup size of the Dachshund is not a recognized size class but instead refers to a Dachshund that is smaller than its breed standard. Teacup sized Dachshunds are produced in a normal litter, and a breeder cannot guarantee the dog’s adult size.

Teacup Dachshund Tools

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Teacup Dachshund Calorie Calculator

Do you know how many calories your Teacup Dachshund needs every day and how many cups of food you should be giving it every day? Click here to use our Teacup Dachshund Calorie Calculator.

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A General Appearance of the Teacup Dachshund

The teacup Dachshund comes in three distinct varieties: long hair, wire hair, and smooth coat. Dachshunds began as only the smooth coat, and through the introduction of selective breeding, the other two varieties developed. The only real difference is the hair type, as body length, height, and other features are all the same.

They come in a variety of colors including shades of red, brown, black, two toned (like black and tan), and dapple, which creates a mottled look. Most have brown eyes, but they can also have blue.

Dachshunds are AKC recognized in two size classes: standard and miniature. Standard sized dogs are approximately 16-32 pounds, and miniatures are under 11 pounds (as weighed at 1 year of age). There is no size classification for teacup, but many suggest these dogs are anywhere from 4-7 pounds.

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Teacup Dachshund Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog.

The teacup Dachshund temperament will vary from individual dog to individual dog, but generally the breed is known for being headstrong, stubborn, harder to train, and at times, foolishly brave.

They do not know their own size and will challenge any size larger animal. Care must be taken around larger dogs, as a Dachshund will not back down.

While not all Dachshunds are the same, most will require a lot of early and on-going socialization and training. These dogs can be wary of strangers without plenty of positive interactions. He is also known for being independent, so without plenty of training, your friendly dog might quickly take over the household.

Those that have one often have more than one. They can be a lot of fun and comical at times. It is an affectionate dog that enjoys being with the family, but caution should be used around newcomers, especially children. They are not always tolerant.

Be prepared for barking! A teacup Dachshund is sure to alert you by barking to anyone or anything near the property. They make excellent watch dogs.

Better suited to an indoor or outdoor lifestyle?

The teacup Dachshund can blend into a lot of different homes, and he does well in small spaces with exercise, but he is not the right dog for everyone.

First, homes with small children should be avoided. Due to his long back, he can easily be accidentally injured, and not all Dachshunds are tolerant.

Second, if you intend to have other animals, he should be socialized early. A Dachshund can get along with cats if well socialized, but he may view them and other small animals as prey. They are hunters!

Lastly, this breed requires a home that can offer consistent leadership and training. Without proper training, some very bad behaviors can occur, so only a person that is assertive should consider the Dachshund.


Unfortunately, many Dachshunds are harder to train. It doesn’t mean the breed is stupid, but he is hard-headed at times. Your teacup Dachshund may require more patience in order to train, but he can learn. Provide plenty of motivation (like food rewards) and train in a positive, fair, and consistent manner.

Be prepared for a harder time with housetraining. This breed is notorious for taking longer to housetrain, so crate training is a must.

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Free Teacup Dachshund Training Secrets

Free Course on Teacup Dachshund Training & Obedience
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Teacup Dachshund Activity Level

The teacup Dachshund is an active little dog, but most of his needs can be met through playtime around the house and walks. They love to scent during walks, and don't be surprised if he flushes out a rabbit or two!

Never leave your dog unattended in the yard. These tiny dogs are often victim of dog thefts and wild animal attacks (like owls and coyotes), but they can also fall prey to other animals like neighborhood dogs, can easily get out of fenced yards, and can be accidentally injured or ingest something when left alone.


The teacup Dachshund is the quintessential wash-and-wear dog. Regular bathes, toenail trimmings, and ear cleanings are minimal requirements. The long hair Dachshund should be brushed every day or two to keep his hair free of tangles, and a good dental routine is important. Both the smooth coat and the wire hair require less brushing.

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Free Teacup Dachshund Training Secrets

Free Course on Teacup Dachshund Training & Obedience
Stop All Bad Behavior, Excessive Barking and Biting

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Health and Care

One of the biggest concerns with teacup Dachshunds is their back. Because of the very short legs and very long back, many Dachshunds suffer from back problems, Intervertebral Disk Disease. The dogs should not jump on and off of furniture and extra care must be taken. A back injury can lead to paralysis.

It is important to feed your teacup Dachshund several small meals throughout the day, but weight management has to be followed. Being overweight is too hard on the dog’s back and can add to back problems.

Other health problems that affect Dachshunds are: bloat (because the dogs are deep chested), progressive retinal atrophy (miniature long hair Dachshunds), and seizures. Overall, they are a fairly healthy breed with not as many genetic diseases as other breeds.

National Breed Clubs

Group: Hound Group

AKC Popularity Ranking: 12

Also Known As: Doxie,

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