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Shiloh Shepherd:Breed Temperament, Exercise Needs & Health

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About Shiloh Shepherd

Country of Origin, History of Shiloh Shepherds

The Shiloh Shepherd was developed by Tina M. Barber of Shiloh Shepherds (kennel) in New York State in 1974. The Shiloh Shepherd’s appearance is based on all German lines--Deininghauserheide-Liebestraum-Osnabruckerland and Piastendamm.

The Shiloh Shepherd's genetic makeup comprises of bloodlines of German Shepherds and Alaskan Malamutes. They were developed to have a breed which is like the very popular German Shepherd but softer and gentler in temperament.

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Shiloh Shepherd Calorie Calculator

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A General Description of the Dog

The Shiloh Shepherd's overall appearance is rather heavy. The back is broad, strong and solid. The slightly-domed head is broad and noble. The width and length of the skull are approximately equal with a gently defined stop, strong developed cheekbones, and a gradually tapering black muzzle. Both upper and lower thighs are well muscled. The tail is quite long and thickly covered with dense hair hanging down like a plume.


The coat comes in two varieties: Smooth and Plush.

The plush coat is medium-length with a dense undercoat and has a distinct mane from the neck to the chest.

The smooth coat is thick and medium-length with the outer hair being harsh to the touch.

Coat Color

They may be bi or duals with shades of black with tan, golden tan, reddish tan, silver, or cream, various shades of rich golden, silver, red, dark brown, dark grey, black sable, solid black and solid white.

Height: 28-30 inches (71-76 cm.)


Males: 100-130 (45-59 kg.);
Females: 80-100 pounds (36-45 kg.)

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Shiloh Shepherd Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Breed

They are very intelligent, courageous, loyal, calm, self-confident dogs that make faithful and loving companions.

They are serious and almost human in their intelligence.

Shilohs make very good watchdogs and will bark and alert its owners when a stranger is present. They are protective of their owners.

Are they good for families with kids?

Shilohs are good with children and other animals. They are playful, energetic and affectionate with kids. Since they are moderately protective, they make good guardians for children.

Living Conditions

The Shiloh Shepherd will manage well in an apartment if it gets enough exercise. They will remain inactive indoors; so a house with a large yard would be ideal for them. They do well in cold as well as hot climates. Although Shilohs can live outdoors, they would be happier living close to their human family members. In case, they are kept outdoors, they should access to plenty of water and shade on hot days and proper shelter in the winter.

Shiloh Shepherd Activity Level

How active is the breed?

They need to be taken on daily, brisk, long walks/jogs or made to run alongside while the owner bicycles. They respond quickly to training and retain the capacity to make independent decisions when situations change. Since they are not only biddable, but capable of following complex directions, Shilohs can excel at obedience and agility competitions.

Suitable for apartment living?

The Shiloh Shepherd will do okay in an apartment if it gets enough exercise. They are relatively inactive indoors and do best with at least an average-sized yard. They can live outdoors but would be much happier inside close to their owners. They require plenty of water and shade on hot days and proper shelter in the winter.


The plush coat requires regular brushing to keep it clean and tangle free. For show purposes, plush coats require trimming of tufts that grow between the toes and pads. The smooth coat requires minimal grooming. This breed sheds bits of hair constantly and is a seasonally heavy shedder. They should be bathed rarely, only once or twice a year, to avoid skin oil depletion.

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Free Shiloh Shepherd Training Secrets

Free Course on Shiloh Shepherd Training & Obedience
Stop All Bad Behavior, Excessive Barking and Biting

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Health and Care

Shilohs may experience problems with hip dysplasia, bloat, small intestine bacterial overgrowth syndrome, skeletal disorders, osteochondritis, panosteitis.

National Breed Clubs

Life Expectancy: About 12-14 years.

Group: Herding Group

AKC Popularity Ranking: Not recognized by AKC.

Also Known As: Shilohs.

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