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Olde English BullDogge: Breed Temperament, Exercise Needs & Health

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About Olde English BullDogge

Country of Origin, History of Olde English BullDogges

The Olde English Bulldogge is a re-creation of the "Regency Period Bull Baiter", developed by David Leavitt, of Coatesville, Pennsylvania. The composition of the OEB was ½ Bulldog, 1/6 Bullmastiff, 1/6 American Pit Bull Terrier, and 1/6 American Bulldog.

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Are you aware dogs also have a learning style that can greatly affect their ability to housetrain as well as be trained correctly. Evaluate your Olde English BullDogge's learning style and personality using our free Learning Style tool so that you are better able to provide him with the proper Olde English BullDogge training methods.

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Olde English BullDogge Calorie Calculator

Do you know how many calories your Olde English BullDogge needs every day and how many cups of food you should be giving it every day? Click here to use our Olde English BullDogge Calorie Calculator.

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A General Description of the Dog

The Olde English Bulldogge should have a symmetrical, well-proportioned body. The dog should be cobby, but have the appearance of an athlete. The head is large and square with a flat forehead and a short,broad muzzle. Deeply sunken between the eyes, extending up the forehead and moderately wrinkled. Its jaw muscles are large, with large tusks.

The eyes are low and wide set. The ears may be either rose or button and should be set high and wide. Dewlap will have two folds. Its neck should be short and nearly as wide as the head, while the shoulders are very broad and muscular. Its front legs may be slightly bowed or straight. The ribs should be well-rounded and the chest wide and deep, while the back is short, slightly arched and strong. Its belly should be well tucked up. The thighs are very muscular. Tails must be straight. Its coat can be short and close or medium and fine, and comes in gray, black, brindle of red, brindle spots on white, fawn, red or black solid or with white. The coat is short, close and medium fine.

Height: 16 inches and up (41 cm. and up)

Weight: 50 pounds and up (23 kg. and up)

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Olde English BullDogge Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog

Olde English Bulldogges are docile, but agile, capable and protective, fearless and athletic, fierce-looking, determined and courageous, bold and amiable.This breed likes to chew and should be supplied with plenty of toys and bones. Olde English Bulldogges are so eager to please that they may overexert themselves in an effort to do whatever is asked of them.

Female Olde English Bulldogges are often more territorial, protective and possessive of their owners and property than male Bulldogges.

Olde English BullDogge Activity Level

How active is the breed?

Though active, this breed needs moderate exercise. A daily walk will suffice to tone their muscles and keep them in good shape. These dogs are naturally slow, and because of their unique structure, they should not be encouraged to jump or engage in strenuous exercise as young pups. It's important not to over-exert them in summer as it can lead to heat strokes.

Suitable for apartment living?

Olde English Bulldogges will adapt to almost any lifestyle. The dog is ideal for apartment living and make wonderful companions specially for quiet people. However, some people find it hard to bear his snoring.

They should be protected from the extreme cold and heat.


This breed is an average shedder and needs minimal grooming. However, this breed tends to drool and slobber. So it's important to wipe its mouth at regular intervals.

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Free Olde English BullDogge Training Secrets

Free Course on Olde English BullDogge Training & Obedience
Stop All Bad Behavior, Excessive Barking and Biting

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Health and Care

Careful breeding has mostly eliminated hip dysplasia. Susceptible to skin problems such as fungal and bacterial infections in the wrinkles of the face. "Bloat", a painful and often fatal condition that can be brought on by too large a quantity of food consumed at one time may be a problem.

National Breed Clubs

Life Expectancy: About 11 years , often more.

Group: Mastiff

AKC Popularity Ranking: Not recognized by AKC

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