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Mexican Hairless Terrier: Origin, Personality, Fitness & Health

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About Mexican Hairless Terrier

Country of Origin, History of Mexican Hairless Terriers

The Xolo is one of the oldest breeds, dating back at least 3,000 years. Various artifacts from the tombs of Colima, Mayan, and Aztec Indians of Mexico show the dogs. It is thought that they were taken with ancestors of the Aztecs from Asia to Mexico. They were thought to have curative and mystical powers. Although they were kept as pets, their other uses were more valuable – bedwarmer, sacrificial offering, food, guide to the after-life. In fact, their fame as bedwarmers is known worldwide. Extremely cool nights were known as “three dog nights.” The toasty, warm heat emanating from the dog’s body was known for relieving stomach pain, joint pain, etc.

The Mexican Hairless is seen today through South and Central America. They are becoming increasingly popular again in the United States and United Kingdom. They are non-allergenic and very clean. They make good companions and are used extensively for therapy dogs. They are great obedience and agility dogs.

Mexican Hairless Terrier Tools

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Mexican Hairless Terrier Calorie Calculator

Do you know how many calories your Mexican Hairless Terrier needs every day and how many cups of food you should be giving it every day? Click here to use our Mexican Hairless Terrier Calorie Calculator.

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A General Appearance of the Dog

There are three sizes of Mexican Hairless Terriers – Miniature, Standard and Toy. Each comes coated or hairless. The Hairless are the more popular, thus the name Mexican Hairless.

The Hairless has no hair except possibly a tuft on the head and one on the tail. Its skin is soft and smooth, but can take the elements. The coated variety has a full coat of hair which is short and glossy and they shed very little.

This breed has a broad skull and a black or skin-colored nose. Its eyes are almond-shaped and dark. The first thing you notice is its ears which are bat-like, large, erect and very mobile.

Coat Color

Solid, uniform and dark colors are preferable. Black, dark grey, red, liver, bronze and blonde are acceptable. There are also spotted dogs of any color including white spots.

They change colors as they mature.

Coat Type

Hairless can have some tufts of harsh hair on the head and back of the neck and end of the tail that may be any color but should not reach great length.

The Coated Xolo has a short, sleek, glossy coat all over.


Miniature (KCGB and Mexico) or Toy (AKC): 9.75-13.75 ins
Intermediate (KCGB and Mexico) or Miniature (AKC): 14.25-17.75 ins (15 – 20 inches)
Standard (KCGB, Mexico and AKC): 18-23.5 ins (20 – 30 inches)


Miniature (KCGB and Mexico) or Toy (AKC): 5 – 15 lbs
Intermediate (KCGB and Mexico) or Miniature (AKC): 15 – 30 lbs
Standard (KCGB, Mexico and AKC): 25 – 40 lbs (even up to 60 lbs.

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Mexican Hairless Terrier Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog

The Mexican Hairless is a particularly loyal and intelligent. They are called ‘velcro dogs' because of their ability and desire to stick close to their people. They have an uncanny sense about their family's physical and emotional states. However, they need someone to be a strong leader and teacher or they will lead and run the whole household. All family members must be involved in some way in rearing and training the Mexican Hairless Terrier as it will bond to those who are involved with it.

Mexican Hairless Terriers are not barkers, but they have extremely keen hearing, so if they alert you, you should take notice. They naturally stay aloof to strangers, preferring to be protective of their family. If properly socialized, they will be good with guests and with children.

Contrary to popular belief, the Mexican Hairless is not a vegetarian; however, he does love vegetables.

Xolo are easy to housetrain and obedience train.

All sizes of the Xolo like to climb to get to their people, or to see what they can see. They have been known to climb trees as well as furniture and to even climb onto horses to ride them.

A Mexican Hairless does not tolerate teasing or any type of abuse.

These hairless dogs have no fur or dander and no possibility of fleas so they are popular with allergy and asthma sufferers, those who suffer with pain or loneliness and depression, and those who are fastidiously clean and neat.

Better suited to an indoor or outdoor lifestyle?

The Mexican Hairless and the Xolo with hair must be kept indoors. They are great for apartment dwelling.

Are they suited to homes with kids?

They are great with children. Just teach the children how to respect the dog and not tease it and involve the children in the care of the dog (and the dog in the care of the children) and the dog will be very loyal and protective of the children. Because the Xolo love to play, they will enjoy playing with the children.

Mexican Hairless Terrier Activity Level

How Active is the Breed?

This is a very active breed. They love to play with toys or a playmate of the same breed or their human family.

How Much Exercise Does the Dog Need at every stage of its Life?

During the first year of the dog's life, he will need a great deal of attention, exercise, discipline and training. If you work full time, you may want to consider hiring a trainer, or at least a dog walker (or using doggie day care). Be sure to get someone who is familiar with the needs of the breed.

They will settle down after the first year and can stay home alone for seven or eight hours but will be extremely happy to see you and will be very attached to you during the hours you are at home.

The Xolo would love to go to work with you and would do very well at work as they are usually content to be with you and are easy going with coworkers.

They want some very active things to do – like jogging, hiking, or long walks if they do not get enough active playtime.


Over-bathing can strip the skin of natural protection causing more harm than good. Also over lotioning and sunscreening can clog pores and damage skin, causing acne and such. So only bath and lotion or sun screen as needed. Let the Xolo's natural protection do its job. Dark colored and solid colored Xolos have the hardiest skin, Spotted and light colors require more care.

Bathe and lotion once or twice a month, or only as needed. Sunscreen as you would yourself in very sunny weather.

Use hypo-allergenic gentle human products - baby shampoo, a basic lotion and sun screen.

For the winter dry ear tips and feet,: Bag balm or udder butter. For the occasional acne or pimples especially in teenage Xolos, and to keep skin soft and remove dead skin build up: St. Ives exfoliating scrub or similar product. Exfoliate with a buff puff and bath a needed, then lotion with a nice hypo- allergenic light product. There are some nice lotions with sun screen in them. Or a favorite is Bullfrog for babies.

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Free Mexican Hairless Terrier Training Secrets

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Health and Care

The Xolo is a hardy and healthy breed if the breeder has paid attention to skin issues, temperament, and conformation.

Xolos (even those with hair) will need and want a sweater in cool weather or if the house is cool.

The Xolo's skin is hardy and requires little care. Do not bathe too often as that strips necessary oil from the skin, causing more problems than it solves. See grooming for tips on lotion and sunscreen.

Litter Size: An average litter of five will have four hairless and one coated Xolo.

Life Span: 15 – 20 years is common.

National Breed Clubs

National Breed Clubs

US – The Xoloitzcuintli Club of America –
Xoloitzcuintle Club USA –

Other Recognition

Standard: FCI, NKC, CKC, APRI
Miniature: FCI, NKC, CKC, APRI

They are part of the Foundation Stock Service of the AKC.

They have interim breed standards with the KCGB.

Rescue Link:

Group: Non-Sporting Group, Interim Utility Group of KCGB.

AKC Popularity Ranking: 140

Also Known As: Xoloitzcuintli; Xoloitzcuintle – pronounced show-low-its-queen-teli Xolo; Mexican Hairless

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