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About Great Pyrenees

Country of Origin, History of Great Pyreneess

Great Pyrenees is one of the most ancient dog breeds in the world. They originated in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain.

His ancestry is believed to date far back to the 10th century. His close ancestors are thought to have come to the Pyrenees mountain range sometime around 3000 B.C. The breed was developed there as a guardian dog for the shepherds to guard flocks of sheep from wolves and bears. This breed was so treasured in France, that in 1675, the breed was declared the "Royal Dog of France" by King Louis.

This breed was exported to North America in early 1931 and officially recognised by American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1933. Today the Great Pyrenees is a working dog as well as a wonderful companion and family dog.

Great Pyrenees Tools

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Are you aware dogs also have a learning style that can greatly affect their ability to housetrain as well as be trained correctly. Evaluate your Great Pyrenees's learning style and personality using our free Learning Style tool so that you are better able to provide him with the proper Great Pyrenees training methods.

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Great Pyrenees Calorie Calculator

Do you know how many calories your Great Pyrenees needs every day and how many cups of food you should be giving it every day? Click here to use our Great Pyrenees Calorie Calculator.

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Description of the Dog

The Great Pyrenees was bred to be left alone and guard sheep from large predators in mountain valleys. They are very large, muscular and powerful working dogs. The ears are triangular and flop downward. The tail is long and plumed. They have rich and soulful brown eyes.

Coat Color: Solid white, white with tan or gray markings, or white with yellow markings

Coat type

Double-coated with a long, coarse outer coat and a fine, thick and soft undercoat.


Male 27-32 inches
Female 25-29 inches


Male 100-160 pounds
Female 85-115 pounds

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Dog with lovers

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Great Pyrenees Personality Traits

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Great Pyrenees Dog Temperament

The Great Pyrenees is a gentle giant, known for his great loyalty to family. They are calm, affectionate, well-mannered and typically gets along very well with children. Courageous and intelligent, Pyr is used to working on his own and figuring things out for himself, making him an independent thinker and can be stubborn at times. They make great guard dogs and will not hesitate to protect their family and territory.

Better suited to an indoor or outdoor lifestyle?

While Pyrs are bred to be an outdoor livestock guardian dog and not ideally suited to living as indoor dogs only, they also make an excellent family pet due to their gental and loving nature.

Are they suited to homes with kids?

Their calm nature is suitable for homes with children. However, Pyrs should not be left unsupervised with children as small children might accidentally be bumped and knocked over.


Pyrs do best with experienced owners. Consistency and patience are the key when working with these dogs. They need a firm leadership and bond to be well-mannered and well-adjusted companions. They are best trained with positive reinforcement methods.

Smart and willful, Pyrs can be strong-willed when it comes to training. Their intelligence and independent nature can make training a challenge. Socialization from a young age is essential for this breed as they are naturally wary and suspicious of strangers

Pyrs need a moderate exercise routine, in the form of regular walks. A minimum of 30 to 40 minutes walk a day is required for this breed. They have a tendency to get bored a bit too easily which means they need proper mental stimulation with interactive toys to prevent any destructive behavior such as digging and chewing. They also are excellent working dogs and enjoy activities including obedience training.

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Free Great Pyrenees Training Secrets

Free Course on Great Pyrenees Training & Obedience
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Great Pyrenees Activity Level

As guardians, Pyrs aren't as high energy and overly active as certain other dog breeds. They still need a fair amount of exercise to stay in good shape.

Health and Care

Genetic Problems

Great Pyrenees is generally healthy. However, they are prone to some health problems, such as hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye disorders and bloat. The breed has also been known to suffer from Patellar Luxation, Entropion, Osteochondrosis and Addison\'s disease. Some cancers may also occur in this breed.

Litter Size: 8 to 10 puppies

Life Span: 10 to 12 years

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Free Great Pyrenees Training Secrets

Free Course on Great Pyrenees Training & Obedience
Stop All Bad Behavior, Excessive Barking and Biting

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National Breed Clubs

National Breed Club: Great Pyrenees Club of America


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