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Drever: History, Temperament, Exercise

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About Drever

Country of Origin, History of Drevers

Drever is a Swedish breed that rose from a mix of different breeds. It was developed from the Weshpalian Dachsbracke (now rare) and local hounds. The object had been to re-create the type of short-legged dog that was used to drive game towards the gun. Soon after its development the breed became the Swedish hunter’s favorite companion. The word Drever is derived from ‘Drev’, which means to hunt in Swedish. Now it is a most popular dog breed of Sweden.

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Description of the Breed

A long body and relatively short legs characterize the Drever. The head of the dog is large, long and well proportioned. Its eyes are clear and have close-fitting eyelids. The eyes are thin and have an alert expression in them. The short legs are straight and never bent like those of the Dachshund.

The Drever has a thick coat. This is close fitting and flat all over the body and coming in fawn, black or black/tan colors. There are always white markings present on face, feet, neck, chest and tail tip of dog. The dog carries its tail with a downward curve.


Heights of Drevers usually range between 11 and 18 inches. However, there may be Drevers of lower heights too.


Weight of adult Drever dogs range between 32 pounds and 34 pounds.

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Drever Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog

The Drever has been bred to be a slow and steady worker. It is alert and calm. It is not nervous or aggressive. With a slight wag of its tail the dog shows his friendly temperament. The dog has a loud bark that enables it to be tracked even through woodland where it may not be observable owing to its small stature. The dog is headstrong and tenacious. The Drever has been known to be desirous of working even long after the human companion has satisfied its own hunting instinct. The dog is a powerful tracker. Its excellent sense of smell makes it so. It is slower than other hounds and is excellent at moving game towards the hunter's gun.

The dog can hunt hare, fox and even deer. Even wild boars do not instill fear in it. The dog circles the prey and dodges it while barking and warning the hunter. The Drever dog has got a musical voice. From its voice one gets the impression of a much larger creature.

This is an affectionate animal and can stay happy both indoors and outdoors. However, it feels happiest when it is given lots of exercises and play. Training and socialization of the Drever should be started early in order to ensure that the dog develops good manners and is comfortable in any situation.

Living Conditions

Being fairly active indoors too the Drever dogs do not really need a yard for keeping them. The dogs are suitable for being kept as pets in apartments.

Drever Activity Level

Exercise requirement

Drevers are active dogs and hence they keep exercising throughout the day even while being indoors. Alongside, a daily walk or jog would be good for them. The dogs enjoy playing a lot. Hence they may be taken to a park and allowed to play there.


The dog has got a smooth haired coat. So, a regular rubdown with a dampened cloth piece would be a good enough grooming measure.

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Free Drever Training Secrets

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Health and Care

There are no health problems that are particularly associated with the Drever dogs.

National Breed Clubs

Life Expectancy: About 12-14 years

Group:Hound Group, Scent Hound.

AKC Popularity Ranking:Foundation Stock Service.

Also Known As: Swedish Dachsbracke.

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