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Carolina Dog: Breed Temperament, Exercise Needs & Health

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About Carolina Dog

Country of Origin, History of Carolina Dogs

It is believed that the Carolina Dogs are direct descendants of the ancient pariah dogs, which had accompanied the Asians who had traveled across the Bering Straits some 8000 years ago. These Indian breed dogs coming from the deep southern regions of America were the first dogs to be domesticated in the Americas. The Kentucky Shell Heap Dog and the Basketmaker Dog are two examples of ancient pariahs on the North American continent that are akin to the Carolina Dogs. Indians had used such dogs for tasks like herding. The yellow color of the Carolina Dogs had earned them the name of “Old Yaller”.

Wild dogs had roamed freely in the deserted areas of South Carolina for many years. Dr. I. Lehr Brisbin, Jr. had discovered and named the breed of these wild dogs as Carolina Dogs. While Brisbin had noted that the bone structure of these dogs appeared similar to those of the Dingo other scientists had observed that the bone structure of the dogs bore similarities to the remains of Neolithic dog bones. Such Neolithic dog bones had been obtained from Native American burial sites thousands of years old.

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A General Description of the Dog

The Carolina Dog has a muscular build and a medium-sized body. Many features of sight hounds can be found in these dogs. The dog’s appearance resembles that of a small Dingo. A host of special features of the dog’s body had been crucial to its survival in the swamps and forests of the South.

The dog has a lean but level and strong torso. Its chest is deep, well developed and is lighter in color compared to the other parts of the body. The belly is well tucked up, as is characteristic of sight hound breeds.

The Carolina Dog has almond shaped dark eyes. The pair of ears is set high and stands erect. The head of the dog is wedge-shaped and the neck is long. The dog’s coat is thick though shorthaired. It is usually deep red ginger in color. However, the coats may also come in spotted white, tan, desert-sand, beige, yellow, red sable and orange colors. There may be pale buff markings on the shoulders and side of muzzle. A dense undercoat forms during season.

The Carolina Dog’s tail exists in the shape of a fishhook and is carried in different positions according to the mood of the dog.

Height: Between 17 inches and 24 inches.

Weight: 30-44 pounds.

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Carolina Dog Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Breed

Though not a completely domesticated breed the Carolina Dog is accustomed to living in an apartment with a family. However, it is better to introduce the dog as a pup to the owner and the owner's family. After all it is basically a pack dog and may keenly long to bond with the members of its pack/family if brought in as pet at an older age.

It is easy to train the Carolina dogs and with early and proper socialization they turn out to be loyal and amenable companions to all family members. These are clean pets that are easy to housebreak. They usually do not have any problems getting along with children and other household pets. The dogs are playful and sociable and can adapt themselves to both indoor and outdoor living. The dogs have been known to have a tendency to howl at certain noises.

Carolina Dog Activity Level

How active is the breed?

Being a moderately active dog the Carolina Dog needs to get reasonable amount of exercising everyday. One long walk daily or vigorous play can act as good regular exercise for the dog. The dog can also be trained and made to undertake certain special physical activities thus winning applauses while exercising its body.

Suitable for apartment living?

It is to be remembered that Carolina Dogs are a breed have still not been completely domesticated. Hence, they are not really suitable for being kept as pets in apartments. It is best if the dogs kept at places where they get plenty of space around them. They stay fine outdoors if it is not too cold. They adapt well to hot and sunny climates. Their need to exercise considerably needs to be borne in mind while selecting an environment for their living.


Being short and close to the body the coat of the Carolina Dog is pretty easy to groom. Once-a-week brushing of the coat is a good enough grooming measure. The coat can be washed occasionally when needed.

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Free Carolina Dog Training Secrets

Free Course on Carolina Dog Training & Obedience
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Health and Care

There have been reported no major health issues or concerns associated particularly with the Carolina Dogs. However, these are larger dogs and as with other large dogs these too may be sometimes found to be developing hip dysplasia.

National Breed Clubs

Life Expectancy: Life Expectancy of the Carolina Dog is 12-14 years.

Group: Carolina Dogs belong to the Southern group of Sight hounds.

AKC Popularity Ranking: Foundation Stock Service

Also Known As: American Dingo, Indian’s Dog, Dixie Dingo and North American Native Dingo. The common nicknames used for it are- Yellow Dog, Ol’ Yaller and Yaller Dog.

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