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Boykin Spaniel: Origin, Personality, Fitness & Health

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About Boykin Spaniel

Country of Origin, History of Boykin Spaniels

The dog originated in the United States of America in 1911. This is the only dog that had been bred for South Carolina hunters by South Carolinians.

At the turn of the twentieth century one day after church service Mr. Alexander L. White of Spartanburg, South Carolina had seen a small brown dog like a spaniel that was wandering around. It seemed that the dog was stray and White decided to take the dog to his home.

Soon White discovered that the dog had a wonderful bird sense and great hunting abilities. He handed the dog over to his hunting partner Mr. L. Whitaker Boykin who named this male dog “Dumpy”. Mr. Boykin bred the dog with a female dog named “Singo” who had been found abandoned in a train depot. The Boykin Spaniel Dogs evolved from these dogs over the years with crosses to American Water Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Setters, Labs, Pointers, Beagles and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. It is from the name of Mr. Boykin that the breed’s name has been derived.

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A General Description of the Dog

The Boykin Spaniel is a slightly larger dog than the English Cocker Spaniel. It has got a smaller, higher set ears covered with long and wavy hair. It has got considerably less hair than the Cocker Spaniel. Its muzzle is also straighter. It has got a liver or chocolate colored coat. The coat is waterproof and is rather wavy or curly.

The eyes of the dog are light to dark brown and in harmony with the coat. They create an alert, intelligent and trusting expression on the face. The ears set slightly above the level of the eye line lie flat and close to the head. The nose is dark liver colored. Nostrils are well opened and broad. This gives the Boykin added power for scenting.

The dog’s neck is moderately long, muscular and slightly arched at the crest. It gradually merges into the sloping shoulders. The Boykin has got well-boned strong legs that are neither too long nor too short. Traditionally the dog’s tail is docked when the dog is three days old and a third of its length is left behind.


Male: Vary between 15 inches and 18 inches
Female: Vary between 14 inches and 17 inches.


Male: Between 30 pounds and 40 pounds
Female: Between 25 pounds and 35 pounds.

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Boykin Spaniel Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Breed

As a definite working dog the Boykin Spaniel has got superior retrieval instincts, enthusiasm and endurance. The dogs are instinctive swimmers. Whatever be the kind of aquatic environment they can swim with equal agility. Since this is a southern-bred dog the big water in colder places is not suitable for the breed to swim in or wade through while acting as a duck-hunting dog. There would be no problem however if the dog's coat is weather conditioned or a neoprene jacket is available.

The dog has got a bright, docile, pleasant and obedient temperament. It acts as an intelligent, loyal and ever helpful companion. It can be engaged in friendly sports like ball retrieving in a similar manner as bird retrieving. The Boykin Spinal Dogs are excellent pet as far as children are concerned and may even outmatch the Cocker Spaniels in this regard.

Suitable for apartment living?

The Boykin dogs become adapted to their lives as pets in apartments. However, they need to be sufficiently exercised everyday. So, it would be good if the home has a small yard.

Boykin Spaniel Activity Level

How active is the breed?

Boykin Dogs being working breeds need a lot of exercising daily. Their primal instinct is to walk and it must be ensured that they get a long, brisk walk everyday apart from other exercises. These dogs simply love to swim and should be allowed to do so.

It is to be remembered that these are very energetic dogs having high drives and adequate exercising and accomplishing of tasks of all kinds is a must for them. After all they need to burn off their energy and keep fit.


Coat matting is a common problem with Boykin Spaniels. In order to see to it that the coat of the dog does not get matted brushing of coat is to be done every few days.

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Free Boykin Spaniel Training Secrets

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Health and Care

Hip dysplasia is a common health issue with the dogs. There have also been reported few cases of Boykin Spaniels having cardiac problems, patellar luxation, skin problems, under bite jaw and elbow dysplasia. The dogs are prone to Spaniel ear infections and need to be dried well if they get wet.

National Breed Clubs

Life Expectancy: The Boykin Spaniel Dogs live for around 15 years.

Group: Sporting Group. The Boykin Spaniel belongs to the group of Gun Dogs that are adept at flushing and retrieving game. This has been an AKC (American Kennel Club) FSS (Foundation Stock Service) breed for many years.

AKC Popularity Ranking: 100

Also Known As: Boykin

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