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Berger Pyrenees: History, Temperament, Exercise

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About Berger Pyrenees

Country of Origin, History of Berger Pyreneess

The breed originated in France in the 18th century. The medium-small sheepdogs of the Pyrenees Mountains are considered to be the oldest of the French herding dogs from which the Berger Pyrenees originated. The dogs were used in concert with large white sheep guardian dogs to herd sheep. While the smaller dogs herded the sheep the bigger ones kept a watch over them. These dogs, called Pyrenians, gained recognition in France after World War I for their commendable performances as couriers, search and rescue dogs and watchdogs. The Berger Pyrenees breeds were developed from these in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

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A General Description of the Dog

This is a medium sized dog breed. There are two varieties of Berger Pyrenees dogs- the longhaired variety and the smooth-haired variety. The longhaired dogs have long and shaggy fur that tends to get corded easily if nor regularly brushed. The smooth-haired dogs have smooth, shorter and less fur. Sometimes the dogs are also classified into 3 types by including yet another variety- the wire-haired alongside the two varieties.

These are small to medium sized dogs. They are thin and muscular. They have a triangular-shaped head and a flat skull. They have a short wedge shaped muzzle. They have expressive faces and look intelligent. Their eyes are dark except in the case of dogs having merles or slate gray coat color in which case the eye color matches the color of the coat. The dogs have semi-prick or rose ears. Their ears are often cropped, as is the common practice in France and North America.

Berger Pyrenees Dogs have a long and lean body reflective of its natural energetic nature and athletic disposition. They have well-proportioned legs and lean, well-angulated and well-let-down hocks. The dogs may have natural bobtails or long tails with a crook in the end. The tails may also be docked short.


Male: Between 15.5 inches to 22 inches
Female: Between 15 inches and 20 inches.


Between 15 and 32 pounds.

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Berger Pyrenees Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog

As sheepdogs or herding dogs the Berger Pyrenees Dogs are lively and energetic and good at working at tasks. They may even be quite mischievous at times. However, they are also a little nervous. The longhaired varieties of the breed have been found to be more nervous than the smooth haired ones.

Berger Pyrenees Dogs are clever dogs that excel at dog sports like flyball, competitive obedience and agility. They have the temperament of being “one-man” dogs that stay attached and dedicated to a single master. It has been found that the dogs can quite remarkably sense their owners' moods and stay keen to help them out in all ways. This quality also makes the dogs very easily trainable by their owners.

Though the dogs enjoy being around the families of their owners they are wary of strangers. They also do not tolerate annoyances from children. They make good guardians and are excellent as watchdogs. They are vivacious and quick-witted and seem competent of carrying out just any task.

It is important that the Berger Pyrenees Dogs are socialized from a very young age for, otherwise, these valuable herding dogs may develop traits of shyness or aggression which is undesirable.

Suitable for apartment living?

An active person experienced in handling dogs and staying in rural environs will be able to best maintain Berger Pyrenees Dogs as pets. Being herding dogs the Berger Pyrenees are more at home in a rural backdrop. Hence, it is better that the dogs be provided with outdoor country settings at some suburban area rather than being kept in a city home.

Berger Pyrenees Activity Level

How active is the breed?

The Berger Pyrenees is a very active dog. Hence, it is important that its owner spend at least one hour each day with it- making it exercise via long walks and dog sports. The dogs should also be allowed to run without being leashed.


The dog requires moderate grooming. The coat texture of the dog is resistant to tangling. Hence, normally a quick brushing only once a week is required. However, when the coat sheds more frequent brushing will be needed. In case the hair of the coat becomes tangled (as it may often happen in case of long-haired dogs) then it is advisable to spray a grooming conditioner on the area. Regular checks need to be carried out for burrs or knots so as to ensure that the coat is kept in good condition.

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Health and Care

The Berger Pyrenees is regarded as a healthy and hardy breed. They are particularly resistant to distemper. However, the breeding stock need be tested for Hip Dysplasia.

National Breed Clubs

Life Expectancy: The Berger Pyrenees dogs normally live between 9 and 15 years.

Group: Herding Group

AKC Popularity Ranking: Not recognized by AKC.

Also Known As: Berger des Pyrenees, Petit Berger, Pyrenees Sheepdog and Labri.

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