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Australian Kelpie: History, Temperament, Exercise (Kelpie, Barb)

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About Australian Kelpie

Country of Origin, History of Australian Kelpies

Although the belief still persists among many that the Australian Kelpie is a cross between a Dingo and a Border Collie, however, research shows the Kelpie ancestors can be traced to the English North Country Collies. Developed nearly 140 years ago, during the 2nd half of 19th century, these dogs were brought to Australia along with other Herding dogs. Owing to their high stamina, ability to tolerate heat and intelligence, they are appreciated as working dogs all over the cattle farms and ranches of Australia and North America.

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Description of the Dog

A medium-sized dog, the Australian Kelpie has a lithe, compact and light-footed body. The breed is capable of swift, smooth and effortless movement at a lightening speed. The Australian Kelpie has a broad chest, arched toes and well-formed muscular limbs that enhances their agility that also helps them to cover greater distance at a much lesser time. The dog has a long narrow head, erect ears and a short, smooth, weather tolerant outer coat and dense undercoat. The coat colors vary between red, blue, tan, fawn, black or cream. The tail is of medium size set low.

Height: 17 to 20 inches

Weight: 25 to 45 pounds

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Australian Kelpie Personality Traits

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Temperament of the Dog

Till date, the Australian Kelpie is the most widely accepted sheepdog among ranchers and farmers all over. The Australian Kelpie is a highly intelligent breed that is energetic, loyal, friendly, eager and is great at problem-solving. Its lithe, compact and light-footed body is capable of swift, smooth and effortless movement at a lightening speed. Often a one-dog person, they usually get along well with children they have grown up with. Usually not aggressive by nature, they have exceptionally sensitive in picking up sight, hearing and scent is concerned.

Excellent herders, they have an in-born instinct to herd sheep. They also make great watchdogs owing to their alert and possessive nature, and high ability to guard property – even risking their lives. The Australian Kelpies are pretty easy to train and their keen self help them quickly respond to their owners' commands. Their outstanding energy level enables them to work from dawn to dusk (very similar to Australian Cattle Dog) even when they are not physically fit. Give them any kind of work to do, and they wont sit still until its done. Their nature and drive to work makes them impossible to become an apartment dweller.

Suitable for apartment living?

The Australian Kelpie is definitely not fit for small living spaces and apartments. Being working dogs by nature they need vast spaces where they can run and play around and freely do the work alloted to them. Rural farms with a lot of open meadows and yards is best suitable for such a breed. An Australian Kelpie will be happy living outdoors provided there is a resting shelter nearby. Their coat will help them bear both hot and cold weather.

Australian Kelpie Activity Level

Exercise requirement

A working dog by nature, the Australian Kelpie needs great amount of exercise to keep them busy. Boredom and lack of activities may lead to unwanted behavioral problems. Although they are easy to train, their extremely high level of energy and drive to work makes them impossible to become an apartment dweller. Daily long walks along with good time spend running and playing is highly welcome. Give them loads of work to do and they will stay content for hours.


The Australian Kelpie is fairly easy to groom only needing an occasional brushing and combing to maintain the glossiness of the pelt. The brushing will also help remove the dead hair and ticks. The Australian Kelpie has a weather-resistant double coat that can bear both hot and cold weather and the undercoat is short and dense. An medium shedder, the dog needs bathing only when necessary.

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Free Australian Kelpie Training Secrets

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Health and Care

The Australian Kelpie may suffer from hereditary diseases like Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Cerebellar Abiotrophy and Hip Dysplasia. Other disorders that may ail the Australian Kelpie are Ventricular Septal Defect, Cryptorchidism and luxating patella. The dog should also be immunized by vaccinations against diseases like rabies, parvovirus and distemper.

National Breed Clubs

Group: AKC Foundation Stock Service

Also Known As: Barb, Kelpie, Australian Sheep Dog, Australischer Kelpie

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