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Bernese Mountain Dog : Aggression towards Strangers

The Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD) needs adequate training before it can be introduced to strangers or even children.

The best thing about them is that they never let their owners down. Dog owners who have put in a lot of effort into obedience training are the ones who get back a socialized BMD in return.

This breed is very selective about the people that it interacts with. But the ones who have not been initiated at all are not to be trusted. It is essential to train them with positive training methods because of their sensitive temperament. They also need fenced yards or else they might grow up to be disobedient and unruly.

These dogs make ideal companions for those who seek constant company with their pets.

However, they are not for people who want companions for their children while they are growing up. This is because they have a short life span.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is of the opinion that every human is not a friend of his and does not go down too well with children below six years of age. His wagging tail can even knock a kid down when the dog is hyperactive.

When not properly trained and socialized, these dogs tend to suffer from the worst kind of behavioral problems. They become over possessive of their owners, and aggressive towards strangers and children because they are naturally selective about their choice of company, both humans and other dogs.

Thus, owning a BMD calls for stringent training lessons and firm socializing to get a pet with the desired qualities in place.

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Dog with lovers
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