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Grooming a Italian Spinone
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Italian Spinone: Temperament, Exercise, Grooming, Health


Group: Sporting Dogs.

AKC Ranking: 117


About Italian Spinone

A square-built dog with human-like eyes, the Italian Spinone is an excellent swimmer and retriever. His great strength and stamina make him suited to hunting in all types of terrain including cold and deep water.

He is superbly intelligent and enthusiastic but will not do a command unless he understands why. His mind and body must be kept busy to keep him from getting into mischief.

He is pleasant, happy and easy-going. He desires to be with a member of the family – preferably on top of them. He gets along well with children and other animals. He travels well. Socialize him well and start obedience training early.

Some fur stripping is need for their coat. Otherwise, a weekly brushing will suffice. Check nails.

He needs a securely fenced yard as he is also a jumper and tunneler.

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Italian Spinone Calorie Calculator

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Grooming requires frequent brushing and nail clipping and occasional bathing. This should not be difficult for most owners but because of their size, might best be handled professionally.

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Health Issues: Some hip dysplasia, bloating, and an abnormal walking gait have been reported.

Height: 22 ½ - 27 ½”

Weight: 61-85 lbs.

Life Expectancy: 12 or more years.

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