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How to Feed Your Dog

  • The larger the dog, the more active he is, the more food he will need to stay healthy, happy and have a lifetime of optimal health.

  • Offer your dog several small meals per day

  • Allow ample time to digest their food before you either leave for work or go to bed.

  • Keep the dishes clean to avoid bacteria infections

  • Give him access to cold, clean water - always...

What to Feed Your Dog

  • Choosing a dog food can be difficult but remember these facts:

    • Items at the top of the ingredient list are the main ingredients.

    • Meals (Chicken / Lamb Meal etc) are not pure food.

    • Grains and corns are used as fillers - they offer very little nutrition to your dog.

  • There are a few high quality, commercial dog foods that offer everything your dog needs for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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How to Maintain Your Dog's Weight

An estimated 51.5% of dogs and cats in the United States are overweight or obese, which puts many of our pets at risk for increased diseases. What do you do if your dog is obese?

  • Offer your dog high quality food to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

  • Calculate your dog's treats & snacks into his daily calories - more snacks means a smaller meal.

  • Monitor your dog's weight and exercise levels - change the amount of food he eats accordingly.

Food Alternatives

  • Food doesn't have to be processed, canned or kibbled.

  • Alternatives are available.

    • BARF is a natural diet that simulates food our dog's ancestors ate.

    • Homemade diets can offer pets - a balanced diet with fresh ingredients and low levels of chemicals, salt and sugars - all leading to a healthy and happy life for your dog.

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Foods to Avoid

  • Give your dog a complete diet that has important nutrients like protein, essential fatty acids and vitamins and minerals.

  • His daily snacks should be high in fatty acids (eg: yogurt, fresh meat).

  • Also make sure he gets plenty of water.

  • Foods with high grain content can lead to skin rashes and allergies in your dog

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Keep That Healthy Coat

  • Avoid giving your dog human food since it can cause bad habits such as table surfing and begging.

  • Chocolate, grapes and mushrooms, can cause serious illnesses in dogs that may result in death.

  • If you offer your dog human food for snacking, make sure to make healthy choices and offer them carrots, canned pumpkin and seedless apples.

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Starting off Right for a long, healthy life

  • Start your puppy on a schedule as soon as he comes home.

  • Offer your puppy three meals a day until they are six months of age and then reduce to two meals per day.

  • Puppies need a diet that is rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium and protein.

  • Make sure your puppy gets plenty of water with meals.

What Dog Treats should you offer?

  • Ideally, dog's diet should have: 25% protein, 20 - 35% good fats & 40 - 60% carbohydrates. This includes normal dog food + regular treats. 3 things to look for in a high quality treat are:

    • No choking hazards from small pieces breaking off.

    • No preservatives that lead to health problems and allergies.

    • Easy to digest formulas to prevent stomach and intestinal upset.

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